• Pay attention to how you can solve the black smoke coming out of the exhaust pipe of your vehicle, being quite annoying when it happens

Surely you have experienced this phenomenon before. Black smoke coming out of the vehicle, but why is this happening. When we notice the dark color of the smoke, it is usually warning us about the current state of the car.

You may feel that the car works correctly, but the truth is that the black smoke is indicating that something is wrong with the engine. The power unit could be experiencing problems, which can be several, therefore, know the most common causes.

Air filters

Clogged air filters could be the main cause of black smoke coming from the exhaust. When dust blocks the filter, not enough air can get to the cylinder, burning more fuel and causing blissful smoke.

Damaged injectors

If the fuel injectors present problems, because if they do not close on time or are clogged, more fuel than desired would be injected, forming solid carbon from unburned gasoline, and therefore, generating black smoke.

Faulty MAF sensors

Its function is to determine the volume of air that enters the motorcycle, being very important for internal combustion. When it doesn’t work well, it isn’t able to accurately measure the amount of fuel that will be injected into the cylinder.

Damaged EGR valve

This is responsible for reducing the emission of nitrogen oxides by recirculating part of the exhaust gases, therefore, if it is bad, it will generate black smoke.

Damaged piston rings

Designed to prevent the infiltration of engine oil into the combustion chamber. If there are problems, the oil will begin to pass through the combustion chamber and, when mixed with the gasoline, will generate black smoke.


Knowing the possible causes that generate black smoke, the solution is practically simple. Having a clean air system, using a Common-Rail fuel injection system, using fuel additives, checking the rings and replacing them if damaged will completely eliminate the black smoke coming out of the tailpipe.

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