Volvo developed a “never seen before” safety system for its Volvo EX90 electric vehicle

The path towards electrification is a trend followed by manufacturers in the automotive sector, because beyond a “fashion”, it has become necessary in order to reverse the consequences generated by greenhouse gases, including carbon dioxide. emitted by cars powered by fossil fuels.

Volvo appears in that decarbonization section, and for this reason, it is preparing a series of electric vehicles with the aim of gaining its space in it. His plan seems aggressive, since he knows that in order to win he has to show something unique due to the great competition that exists.

The manufacturer will have the “safest” electrified car in history. Without a doubt, a very striking feature or statement to turn to look at the Volvo EX90 and consider taking it home.

The safest

Through an official statement, Volvo has revealed the features that will make this electrified vehicle the safest in history.

“The development of our latest security technology is based on an understanding of human behavior, rooted in decades of our own and others’ security research. Each of us is likely to experience or be affected by at least one car accident in his or her lifetime.

Now, among the technological elements necessary to carry out this promise, state-of-the-art sensors such as cameras, radars and LiDAR powered by its central computing platform and software stand out.

Volvo ensures that the sensors are not distracted under any circumstances. In addition, it detects paths in front of the driver, day or night, even at highway speeds. “You can see small objects hundreds of meters ahead, creating more time to report, act and avoid.”

Now, internally, it will have special sensors and cameras managed by its own algorithms that evaluate the concentration of the gaze, determining when the driver is distracted or tired.

To do this, it will create a physical alert, that is, it will push the driver gently, and if the driver does not respond, then it will do so with greater force and insistence if necessary. In the worst case, ie the driver falls asleep, the car will be able to safely stop on its own and then call for help.

The company estimates that its technology will reduce accidents that end in serious injuries by up to 20% and improve accident prevention by up to 9%. Finally, the vehicle will be presented worldwide on November 9.

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