The Tesla Model 3 was the best-selling car in Europe last September. It is the first time that an electric car has ranked first in Europe and, furthermore, it is the first time that it is a car manufactured outside the continent.

With 24,591 cars registered in September across Europe, according to data from JATO Dynamics (which does not include data from Bulgaria, Malta and Finland), the Tesla Model 3 registered a year-on-year growth of 58%. The second best-selling car on the continent was the Renault Clio , followed by the Dacia Sandero and the Volkswagen Golf .

The good results of the Model 3 are explained in part by the acceleration of deliveries that Tesla usually makes when at the end of each quarter. September has historically been a strong month for the US manufacturer’s registration results in Europe.

On average and since 2018, the month of September represents 68% of its deliveries in the third quarter. And September 2021 is no exception, it represents 74% of the total volume of the third quarter, recalls Felipe Muñoz, Global Analyst at JATO, in the statement.

Tesla’s dominance in the electric car segment

The success of Tesla Model 3 serves to highlight, on the one hand, the dominance of Tesla in the electric segment , and on the other hand, the progressive change in the market in which electrified cars (battery electric and plug-in hybrids ) see how their market share continues to rise to the detriment of gasoline and diesel.

Tesla superbly dominates the electric car segment. In this segment, Tesla delivered 24,512 Model 3 units in the 26 European countries for which JATO has data, a staggering number. However, if we look at the cars that follow, the figures are no longer so spectacular.

The second best-selling electric car has been the Tesla Model Y with 8,926 units in what is its first full month of deliveries. These began in Europe the last week of August, which leaves room for the Tesla Model Y to grow in the coming months.

The third best-selling model is the Volkswagen ID.3 with 8,306 units in September, the fourth model being the Renault Zoe with 6,500 units. The rest of the models do not reach 6,000 units in the month of September, many of them barely exceeding 4,000 units. It may seem small, but in reality it is not so much.

You have to know that only the 20 best-selling models in Europe in September exceeded 10,000 units. To get an idea, in the same month of September, 6,164 units of the SEAT Arona were sold . Selling more than 5,000 units of an electric car in a single month is considered a good sales figure.

The electric car continues to increase its market share

In the end, the change in the market is more visible year after year. In September 2019, electrified cars represented 5% of the European market. By September 2020, a lousy year, the electrified ones were already 12% of the market and this September 2021 they are already 23%.

Meanwhile , the diesel market share went from 30% in September 2019 to just 17% this past month. At the same time, the market share decreased progressively although in a less marked way, going from 64% of the market in September 2019 to 54% in September 2021.

It is true that the incentives for the electric car, whether state-owned or from the brands themselves, have contributed to raising the market share of the electric car this September 2021 to levels never seen before.

Without denying the upward trend of the segment, fueled by state incentives in different countries, the photo is even more distorted by the success of the Tesla Model 3 .

The American model alone has managed to sell almost three times more than the second car in the ranking, the Model Y. In the end, it seems that the segment is growing dramatically thanks to the Model 3 and not so much organically.


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