• Soon, the way LED headlights work could put a twist on lighting cars on the road

Technology is constantly advancing to innovate and bring new solutions that streamline processes and facilitate day-to-day activities. The automotive sector does not escape this, being one of those that constantly receives new improvements.

From the mechanical, physical or aesthetic point of view, technology has improved significantly over the years, maximizing the manufacture of efficient vehicles. Precisely, the next generation would be close to experiencing a resounding change: smart lights.

It may seem simple, but it is not. Since its creation, conventional lights help to have better visibility on the road at night. However, one of the disadvantages when in deep darkness is the blinding of the driver in front.

When everything is dark, some headlights completely blind the person who drives in the other lane and runs into them head-on, representing a considerable risk of accidents.

Until February of this year, vehicles in the United States were required to have high or low beams, never both or some combination of the two. However, now it will be possible to adapt the brightness and intensity intelligently thanks to the approval of a regulation that came into force during the recently mentioned month.

Smart headlights
What is smart about them if they are just LED lights or headlights? This question is probably asked by more than one person. They are really smart, because they work under a system of one or more cameras that aim to evaluate the road, as well as the cars that are approaching, adjusting the brightness and intensity of the light to avoid blinding the driver.

Some technologies applied to these headlights are even capable of detecting pedestrians, animals, and even emitting visible signals on the road. Ford has been one of the companies working in this section, as well as Mercedes-Benz and Audi.

It may be a long way from bringing this technology to market, but it undoubtedly represents a breakthrough for lighting on the road, raising safety standards and making the driving process increasingly easier for people.

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