• Pay attention to these activities that you should not do while driving your car, as they could be dangerous

Knowing how to drive is not enough for the road to be traveled by car to be safe. It is extremely important to know how to drive correctly, what you can and cannot do, or rather, what habits you should not adopt during this daily activity.

From the most basic to the most complex, there are 10 things you should try to avoid so that safety is not affected, whether it is yours as a driver, pedestrians or even other cars on the road.

Things to avoid

First of all, talking on the phone without a handsfree is a dangerous activity. It may not seem like it despite the fact that many people do it constantly. Some luck runs out, being the least expected moment when accidents, misfortunes or tragedies happen.

On the other hand, using hearing aids should not be done under any circumstances. As relaxing as it is to listen to music with surround headphones, it is quite dangerous to completely isolate yourself from the sounds that are happening outside.

However, you can entertain yourself while driving by using the car audio system itself. Not everything has to be rigid to the extreme, only certain customs that do appear as dangerous should be avoided.

Skipping signals could lead to an accident, and much more so when traveling on highways. Whether there are vehicles nearby or not, don’t forget to place them when you’re ready to change your driving direction.

Adorning the car dashboard with items that partially cover the windshield should not be done for obvious reasons. It can look nice but it obstructs the vision on the road.

Similarly, using headlights inappropriately can cause visibility problems for other drivers and lead to accidents. Pay attention to it.

On the other hand, getting too close to the vehicle in front is dangerous. Although it generates draft and saves fuel, you don’t know how the person in front will react, and therefore, the result will be the same as in the other scenarios: accidents.

Finally, other details that you should not overlook are driving under the influence, driving while upset, spontaneously accelerating on the street or even smoking, but the latter becomes optional, since it does not endanger road safety but it certainly annoys the rest of the car occupants.

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