When it comes to being a responsible driver, you can definitely never be too careful. You carry out checks and preventive maintenance actions, drive correctly, take out a car insurance policy , among other things. However, it is necessary to recognize that it is not possible to have control over the things that can happen, because in real life, there are many things that are out of our hands.

At the time of an incident, often due to the confusion of the moment, or due to the simple ill will of one of the parties involved, there may be problems determining who was the cause of the crash or accident in general, which can lead to complicate the process of collecting your car insurance .

For these cases, current technology brings us a great solution: security cameras. These wireless and 100% digital cameras are capable of capturing everything that happens outside the car, taking detail by detail of everything that happens. These cameras are usually mounted on the dashboard of the car, but can also be installed discreetly in the rear view mirror, with an angle that allows them to capture in extremely detailed what is happening in our path.

Benefits of having a security camera in my car

There are many reasons why installing a camera in your car is a great decision, below, we share with you the ones that we consider most important:

  • Travel Memories: It may not be the most safety-related reason, but it is a way to get incredible angles on your road trips, capturing the most impressive landscapes along the way
  • It helps you monitor other drivers: if you have a fleet of cars or share your personal vehicle with a family member or friend, having a camera will allow you to know how they drive. In this way you can know if those drivers comply with the traffic rules, or you can justify the vehicle’s gas consumption knowing exactly where they were driving.
  • Prevent fraud and scams: Unfortunately, fraud and scams are the order of the day. There are people who are dedicated to causing accidents in a planned manner, faking damage and injuries, and if you do not have enough evidence, it will be your car insurance that will end up paying the expenses caused by the incident. With a surveillance camera you have the opportunity to document what happened and avoid going through a situation that can cost you a lot of money.
  • Legal evidence: As in the previous case, the camera helps you document everything that happens in an accident, in this case a real car accident. Having a surveillance camera in the car will help determine who was responsible for the accident and thus know who has to repair the damage and determine whose car insurance will be responsible.

It is very important that you keep in mind that it is always good to act cautiously and have all the evidence in your favor at hand, since accidents, especially if it is established that you caused them, end up affecting the cost of your insurance for car at the time of renewing the policy.

Currently, many vehicles have reversing cameras, which despite not being able to be on all the time and therefore do not work as a surveillance element, do serve to reduce accidents, since it helps you to maneuver safely. more safety and avoid car accidents and pedestrian injuries.

Other great benefits

Apart from being a great way to monitor the activity of your vehicle and to give you solid evidence in the event of an accident, having a camera also allows you to capture incidents such as robberies in your car, car theft , plus if you leave it turned on while you are not in the car, it becomes a surveillance camera with access to your street and you will be able to realize everything that happens there.


Having a surveillance camera in your vehicle is probably one of the best decisions you could make to take care of your car and the safety of both you and your passengers. Currently there is a wide variety of models, with different specific characteristics such as size, image quality, battery life, among others, but we are sure that there is a surveillance camera to suit your budget.

It is important to note that although you are the owner of the rights to the video that has been captured by the camera, you must be aware that sharing said images publicly, such as on social networks, can affect any legal process in the event of an accident. crash or theft. Try to use this useful tool with discretion, and take advantage of all the advantages that this new technology offers you for the safety of your vehicle.

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