Mercedes-Benz is radically modifying its G-Class vehicle in a recently announced collaboration with Moncler. This new iteration of the G Wagen line initially resembles a moon buggy, as it features huge tires wrapped in a weird metallic bubble material, while the top of the car also has a similar appearance, as well as a zipper closure. slide that extends over your roof.

According to the press release regarding the car, the Project Mondo G (as it is called) is supposed to be a G-Class vehicle that was designed with a Moncler down jacket, and this is the first time that Moncler has teamed up with a car brand.

“Our co-creation with Moncler offers an unexpected experience of both brands. This first collaboration with Moncler opens up new horizons and potential opportunities for more to come.” said Britta Seeger, Member of the Management Board of Mercedes-Benz Group AG, responsible for marketing and sales.

While you won’t be seeing this unique G-Class on the road anytime soon, the idea behind the campaign was to create a sense of an “imaginary low-gravity universe”, Which, judging by the looks of the car, certainly nailed it.

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