Many drivers start the vehicle by pushing it downhill as it is easier and less tiring. However, if you don’t know the technique to start the car, you may not be able to start it and you have to keep pushing.

A car battery can discharge for many reasons, but if this happens in your car, chances are you can’t start your car on its own. When this happens, switching power to another car or charging the battery are the safest options.

However, if your car has a manual transmission, you can also push start your vehicle. To be able to start the car in this way, you need to know what gear to put the lever in, know how to release the clutch and do not forget the car’s switch.

Starting the car by pushing it is not a difficult task, but you do have to know how to do it before trying it, because if you do not do it correctly you will not be able to start your car.

How to start your push car?

1.- Turn on the switch

It is much easier to start the vehicle when it is pushed downhill. But it is difficult to push the starter of a vehicle alone on a flat surface.

You may need someone to push the car while you sit in the driver’s seat. A person helping you might know how to push start a vehicle. You must turn on the switch and put the vehicle in neutral. Release the parking brakes if they are active.

2.- Push the car

You have to push the car from the driver’s side. This so you can jump in and control the car and try to start it. Put your hand on the parking brake to stop the car in an emergency.

You have to push the car until it reaches a certain speed. According to maintenance advice from experts, it is necessary to remain calm when pushing to start a vehicle.

3.- Put the car in second gear

After pushing the car, try to sit up and get into position quickly, press the clutch and put the car in second gear. You have to release the clutch pedal slowly. The engine will start once you release the clutch.

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