CDL Commercial Driver’s License in Texas: How can I renew it?

CDL Commercial Driver’s License in Texas: How can I renew it?

When the validity expires, drivers with commercial licenses (CDL) of the state of Texas must carry out a process of renewing their privileges

In the state of Texas, driver’s licenses are normally valid for 8 years, but when this time expires, the driver must complete a renewal process at a local Department of Public Safety (DPS) office. acronym in English). This type of procedure also applies to drivers who have a commercial driver’s license (CDL), necessary to operate specific large vehicles, vehicles intended for heavy cargo or hazardous materials and also those intended for transportation of people

In order to carry out the process without inconvenience, it is necessary that the driver does not have in his history infractions that have led to the suspension or revocation of his license. If so, he will need to go through a privilege recovery or reinstatement process before renewing them.

How to renew a commercial driver’s license (CDL) in Texas?

As with regular or standard licenses, in the state of Texas there are several ways to request the renewal of a commercial driver’s license (CDL), which are valid for all the documents issued by this state agency. Each of these modalities imply certain conditions imposed by the DPS:

Online or by phone

People who wish to carry out the renewal process under this modality must meet the following requirements:

1. Your last renewal must have been done in person at a Texas driver license office.
2. You have a Class A, AM, B, BM, C, or CM commercial driver’s license without a hazardous materials endorsement. You cannot renew a CDL with a hazardous materials endorsement online. Your medical certificate must be on file and valid.
3. Your driver’s license expires in less than two years or has been expired for less than two years.
4. You are at least 30 days shy of your 18th birthday and your driver’s license is not a provisional license.
5. You are under 79 years of age.
6. Your vision and physical and mental conditions have not changed in a way that affects your ability to drive safely since your last renewal.
7. Your license is valid (not suspended or revoked) and you have no outstanding warrants or fines. To check your eligibility, visit our License Eligibility page.
8. Applicant is a US citizen.
9. Your Social Security Number (SSN) is already on file.

After confirming eligibility, people can carry out the renewal process by creating an account on the official website of the state government to complete the process online. If they want to do it over the phone, just call 1-866-DL RENEW (1-866-357-3639) and follow the operator’s prompts.

By mail

People who are eligible to renew by mail receive a notice at their mailing address. This notice contains all the instructions to carry out the procedure under this modality. According to the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS), recipients of this notice are also eligible to apply online or by phone. In that sense, they should only consider the above indications if they prefer.

In person

To complete the renewal process in person, drivers simply need to make an appointment to visit a local DPS office and complete the following steps:

1. Complete a renewal application form. It is available at these offices.
2. Provide the following documents to the agent in charge of receiving documents:
a). Completed renewal application form.
b). Proof of citizenship or legal presence in the country.
c). Identity proof.
d). Social Security Number (SSN).
3. Provide the signature that will appear on the document.
4. Allow the agent to take fingerprint samples from him.
5. Allow the agent to take a photo for the document.
6. Pay the fee corresponding to the procedure.
7. Pass a new vision exam.

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