Today’s horoscope: October 8, 2022

Today’s horoscope: October 8, 2022

Look out for new opportunities! Because this weekend is planned for you to be ready for a new project or undertaking.

We live the weekend, ready to undertake or be pioneers in something, it is a weekend to start new projects, so try to be attentive to new opportunities. Emotionally, we can feel vulnerable, compassionate and sensitive and we can be easily influenced.


It’s a good weekend to start a journaling project. Today, as we anticipate in your horoscopes for October 2022, is ideal for making a decision, because you will have more confidence and clarity, so decision making becomes easier.


If you start the month single, you can meet someone through social networks, a friend or through your siblings. If the last few weeks have been difficult on an emotional level, today you may be feeling more depressed than usual.


This weekend you may go blank in the middle of an argument or suddenly forget specific details. You will feel more aware of your social environment, your community, your group of friends and the place you occupy with them.


You have more communication with people, everyone has something to tell you or make you see, it is the weekend in which you catch up on news and rumours. Today you may have trouble listening to others, perhaps you prefer to be the one who dictates the tone and rhythm of the conversation.


You may be more emotional about your beliefs, and defend them irrationally, so be careful not to argue too heatedly about them, especially if your morals or ethics are involved.


Discovering what you feel becomes very significant and important to you throughout the weekend, and today, you can dedicate yourself to this self-exploration to find the answer. What is your heart really feeling?


This month you will want to make a powerful impression on your environment, for the same reason, you will be very attentive to what others perceive or say about you. If you have had problems in your relationship, this is the best time of the month to solve it.


It is a week in which talking about what you feel or verbalizing your feelings becomes complicated, it is easier for you to express them through music or art. Take advantage because the energy has you focused on work, it is one of those days in which you are not going to stop until you have finished everything, which will have you highly productive.


Take advantage of the day to get involved in a new creative activity, a game or any situation that allows you to have fun and clear your mind. It is a weekend to have fun, laugh and connect with your inner child.


Take advantage of the weekend to develop a job or project where you feel creatively stimulated. The weekend can help you become aware of something related to your home, family or emotional security that you need and provide.


Today is a day full of communication, your phone can keep you very busy, as well as your email and your social networks. Take the opportunity to make or plan a short trip to a nearby place to recover emotionally.


If something seems off-limits, you’re going to want to know more about it. Mysterious themes attract you. The link between your self-esteem and the way you build wealth or spend your money may be clear to you these days. Make use of this energy to change what you should and thus improve your relationship with money.

Melissa Galbraith
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