• From this New Moon, complicated processes such as divorces and successions will begin to go ahead. Something will be streamlined and you will collect that extra money. As for the sexual, a provocative look followed by a subtle caress will mark the beginning of an ideal evening.


Love horoscope for pisces

If you find your day unrewarding and tiring, you can relax when you get home. Feeling in the mood, you bring out what you have inside with a pleasant company and enjoy the afternoon in the most pleasant way possible. If you live with your partner, let him know that you need to be pampered and now is a good time.


Money horoscope for Pisces

Be careful when it comes to money. Investing capital at this time can be negative, even have catastrophic consequences, since it is highly likely that you will bet on the loser. If you have planned a purchase for a long time, wait a little longer, events will soon occur that will interrupt your plans.


Sex Horoscope for Pisces

You can’t really be upset about doing something. Histamine and staying power mean nothing to you, it seems like you need an hour of rest after a few minutes of sex. If your lover needs urgent attention, improvisation is required. She thinks about what you can do with your hands and lips.

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