(01/20 – 02/18)

This New Moon will favor procedures related to immigration or legal matters. Also, a romantic relationship will take on new dimensions and you will make plans for a shared future. If you are alone you could meet new people, from different regions or environments.


Aquarius love horoscope

If getting along with others is getting too difficult and you feel misunderstood, the smallest thing can trigger events that lead to controversy that seems impossible to resolve. Setbacks force you to face rejection and realize how useful it is to wait a bit with problems that will eventually be resolved to everyone’s satisfaction.


Money horoscope for Aquarius

If you plan to do some financial transactions, wait a bit and think things through again in your spare time. There are obstacles along the way that prevent the situation from being handled without difficulties and not as you had imagined it. Although you want to buy something now, it is better to wait for a better result.


Sex Horoscope for Aquarius

You are not making much effort in matters of love. But the truth is you don’t need it! Your partner can do some of the legwork. Meanwhile you relax. Anything else would be too much, you’re not exactly in total control. Your own cries of delight will not disturb your partner, everything is as it should be.

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