In this New Moon, a current of harmony will begin to flow between you and your loved ones. Thanks to the fact that you will adopt an understanding and affectionate attitude with the members of your family, the home environment will become very pleasant.


Love horoscope for Cancer

Others notice how irritable you seem to be. There is no reason to make a drama about things that are of such little consequence, they just result in unnecessary animosity. You feel like you are losing control, regain your composure by taking a sensible approach and come to grips with your potential bad mood.


Money horoscope for Cancer

The early bird gets the worm, but you are the exception to the rule. Avoid financial risks and make it safe. Do not enter investments or accept bargains that are supposedly risk-free, take your time. Today’s constellations may have unexpected obstacles in store, upsetting the best laid plans or showing the flaws in financial projects you thought were easy.


Sex Horoscope for Cancer

Sex with your partner is good. You are uncomplicated and confident and you pleasure her effectively, especially when she is feeling a bit nervous or awkward. You are always willing to offer help. Take your time and show him how you want to be touched, in those special places. Now reverse the roles.

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