Today’s horoscope: February 28, 2022

Today’s horoscope: February 28, 2022

This beginning of the week, unexpected events will occur that will change our plans drastically, but we must not be closed to it.
This beginning of the week, unexpected events will occur that will change our plans drastically, but we must not be closed to it.

We started the week with sudden and minor changes in the plans and schedules that we had marked. You can live the day with a certain rebellion and tension towards the authorities, the duties and the responsibilities. Try to be open to possibilities and avoid making permanent decisions .


You start the week having unconventional ideas and how we anticipate it in your February horoscopes , investigating innovative solutions to the problems you are going through. It is a start to the week in which you can think outside the box and open your perspective to push yourself in a new direction.


The last day of the month is for you to dedicate yourself to reflecting on the big picture of things, being realistic with your plans and landing in reality. So today is a good time to make long-term plans or make an important commitment.


Take advantage of the end of February to go back to school or learn something new, especially if you have a desire to learn a new language or something related to other cultures. The same, it is a good time to find a teacher or mentor to help you learn more about a subject that you are passionate about.


Regardless of what comes your way throughout the day, you experience the beginning of the week with a certain reserve. You’re not going to accept anything you hear at face value and you’ll probably want to dig below the surface until you feel like you’ve got to the core and the truth of things.


Today is a day when you need someone to exchange ideas with . Perhaps, a partner, your partner, a best friend or someone you trust to help you review the problem in front of you, from another angle.


You start the week with a lot of hustle and bustle within your work environment. It is likely that you fill yourself with pending, occupations or situations that require your immediate attention. Take advantage of the week to talk with your partner or with that person who is moving the sensitive fibers of your heart.


The week is to dedicate yourself to any creative project that allows you to expand your heart, and although this is very favorable, it can also make it difficult for you to concentrate on the real work that you have in front of you.


If today you have to function in a new environment , you may go blank or have difficulty concentrating. If possible, try to keep important conversations and debates within the topics and areas that you master.


This is a week where you are going to have more communication with the people around you. It seems that everyone has something to say or ask you. Take advantage of this energy to get the information you need and dig a little into the mysteries you want to solve.


This week marks a good time to sharpen your pencil and sit down with your budget. Take advantage of the available energy to go into detail about your finances, analyze your expenses and manage to draw up a detailed plan that allows you to support the plans you have for your money and assets.


Your mind is racing, take advantage of this week to take a more mental approach to the situations that concern you. The last day of the month wants you to anticipate the changes that are coming, so listen to your intuition, but also to the information you receive without looking, because it is an advantage that the universe is sending you.


The moments you spend in solitude or calm today will help you find the answer you are looking for. You probably want to spend the day with yourself, in silence, listening. Take the opportunity to carry out an investigation that you have pending.