What are cannabis suppositories and what are they for?

What are cannabis suppositories and what are they for?

Cannabis suppositories are potentially beneficial products for women, learn how these medications work.

As we have shared with you previously in this blog, there are different products made with derivatives of the Cannabis Sativa plant that are highly beneficial in different areas. Thanks to the flexibility of this plant, many of its main medicinal properties can be transferred to an endless number of products for daily use. However, only a few products become known.

Today, we will tell you about one of the most interesting products on the market today, cannabis suppositories. This type of medicine is a sign that cannabis has the potential to be developed and used in different areas of health. Learn all the details about them!

What are cannabis suppositories?

Cannabis suppositories are just like other medicines in this format, but they serve especially as a treatment for some diseases and discomfort during sexual intercourse.

They are made with organic cocoa butter or glycerin, but they also have some cannabinoids, which are their main components. These can be CBD, CBG, CBN, THC, CBVD or THCV, which in most products are combined. Sugar alcohols, fatty bases and a non-ionic surfactant are also added to these suppositories.

The cannabinoids used come from the subspecies of this plant known as hemp in the form of infused oils. The proportions used for their manufacture have an ecological certification that supports their regenerative cultivation and their use according to the law of the place where they are manufactured.

There are two different types of suppositories: for vaginal or anal use. In addition, they can have different purposes, which are determined by the amount of cannabinoids, especially cannabidiol (CBD), they contain. These suppositories are oval, cylindrical or conical in shape. Many of them are considered vegan and are gluten-free.

The solid material that protects the cannabis oils melts inside the body with internal temperature. Then, once it has melted, they are absorbed into the bloodstream and the benefits of the medicine are realized.

What are cannabis suppositories used for?

  • Help with pain during sexual intercourse
  • They are used to treat menstrual cramps
  • For relaxation and better experiences
  • For other dysfunctional problems

Helps with pain during sexual intercourse

One of the most popular uses of cannabis suppositories is pain relief during sex. This is because one of its main cannabidinoids, cannabidiol, is effective in combating pain.

However, it is important to mention that although CBD relieves pain and reduces discomfort, this symptom may be the sign of a disease or other condition that must necessarily be attended and supervised by sexual health professionals. In addition, being an oil-based medicine, the use of latex condoms should be avoided, since the oil can degrade the quality of this material.

They are used to treat menstrual cramps

Another application of this type of medication is the relief of cramps. Like marijuana tampons, which help with the inflammation caused by the menstrual cycle and, consequently, help treat menstrual cramps, cannabis suppositories can also be used for pelvic pain relief.

While this benefit can extend to inflammation and other pelvic discomfort, the suppositories used for menstrual cramps are not the same as those used for pain during sexual intercourse. Each type contains a different percentage of CBD. Suppositories for menstrual pain are characterized because they have high levels of this substance.

They promote relaxation and better experiences

There are also anti-tension benefits in this type of medication. Generally, suppositories that have low levels of cannabidiol in their formula, around 50 mg, have relaxing effects. Opening up the possibility for the user to have a better sexual experience.

In part, these benefits are a result of pain relief and reduction of other discomforts, such as tension in the pelvic region. But it is also due to the fact that the CBD contained in these types of products helps improve blood flow, which plays a crucial role in sexual pleasure.

For other dysfunction problems

Female sexual dysfunction problems can occur due to medical conditions such as vaginismus, interstitial cystitis, vulvodynia, menopause and endometriosis. However, in these conditions spasms and pain can be counteracted with the properties of medical marijuana.

Cannabis suppositories can be used for this purpose before or after sexual intercourse. If you decide to use them before, you should allow 30 to 60 minutes before sexual activity, as these medications take approximately 15 minutes to absorb into the body.

The benefits of these products will be derived from the purity and potency of the oils with which they are made. Therefore, if you are thinking of trying them, you should make sure that you are buying them from a site that has certificates of approval for their sale and recent analysis of the cannabis oil used in their production.

Another of our recommendations is that you check that they are well packaged and that they have not suffered any alteration between the time they were manufactured and the time they reached your hands. Also, do not forget that before using any product of this type it is necessary to consult your doctor to avoid any complication and rule out allergies.

Only a professional will be able to guide you on the ideal brands and products for your specific case, as well as indicate the level of cannabidiol recommended for the condition you want to treat with cannabis.

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