These Are The Most Fun Games At Online Casinos

These Are The Most Fun Games At Online Casinos

There is constant talk about progress being made in the gaming industry. We discuss new technologies, updates to major consoles, forthcoming titles in major franchises, and so on. Amidst all this discussion though, the specific category of online casino gaming is often overlooked –– when in fact it has seen some of the most progress across the industry.

A decade ago, it was easy to write off online casinos. They were lazily designed, full of advertisements, and often performed sluggishly. On top of all that, their games were usually little more than lesser imitations of real-world casino slots (with the occasional minimalist table game thrown in). Over the last 10 years or so however, most of this has changed. Developers in this space now prioritize quality graphics, interesting game features, and settings, themes, and characters that engage a range of audiences. In short, the online casino space has been made far more enjoyable, primarily by way of the introduction of hundreds of animated slot machines and similar games.

For those who may not have explored the category in a while (and we can’t blame you), here are some of the most enjoyable games of the bunch.

Gonzo’s Quest

Gonzo’s Quest is on just about every list of the best slots. This is partly due to its quality: It’s a playful slot reel with beautiful visuals and amusing animations depicting an explorer’s journey (and search for treasure) in South America centuries ago. However, it’s also in part because Gonzo’s Quest was the pioneer. This was the game that signaled the progress that was to come in slots, and the fact that it’s still one of the best options out there speaks to what a leap forward it was upon its release several years ago.

Game Of Thrones Slot

The Game Of Thrones slot is exactly what it sounds like: an online slot based on the hit HBO drama. It is an officially licensed game as well, which means it can use real images and audio from the show (whereas plenty of other slot take the imitation or “knock-off” approach). It’s a thoroughly enjoyable game for fans of the show, and given that a spinoff is on the way, it may be the case that we’ll soon see follow-up games.


Lock O’ The Irish

Part of the fun of engaging with today’s slots is to see how old themes from the category have been updated. Irish lore and symbols (clovers, leprechauns, pots of gold, etc.) have been associated with slots for decades. In Lock O’ The Irish though, we see these themes in a far more vibrant fashion. A leprechaun dances, a fairy-tale background pulses with life, and coins fly across the screen when players win. Compare it to some of the luck-of-the-Irish-style games of the past and you’ll get a perfect illustration of how much slots have gotten better.


Lucky Larry’s Lobstermania Slingo

Slingo is a slot-adjacent game that also incorporates elements of bingo. And this quirky little offering from the Gala Bingo Slingo section shows just how much fun these games (and any animated casino games) can be. It’s a completely carefree, borderline silly experience with a pleasant seaside background and a cartoon lobster directing proceedings. Alongside generally improved quality, there’s a sort of randomness and whimsy to modern slot and casino games, and this Slingo game exemplifies those trends.


Deal Or No Deal Slingo

This is another Slingo game, and one that demonstrates the always-exciting crossover potential of modern slots as well. As the name implies, the game is based on the popular game show Deal Or No Deal –– effectively inviting players to go through the game in a way that incorporates slots. Basically, this game show involves rows of chests with different unknown cash amounts inside of them. This grid takes the place of a bingo board, with slot reels determining which cases are opened. It’s a great twist, and shows the inventiveness of modern slot developers when it comes to gameplay, rather than just audio and visual elements.


Hitman Slot

While not typically recognized as part of IO Interactive’s game series featuring Agent 47 on his deadly missions, this is very much an official Hitman game. It’s actually a little bit simpler than some other titles on this list with regard to animation and gameplay. But it gets one important point across, which is that most anyone can find a slot game that speaks to them. If you’re a fan of the Hitman series, this game full of symbols from said series will undoubtedly feel fun and familiar to you, and elevate the underlying slot game as a result.


Links Of Ra

Games involving Ancient Egypt have been trendy for quite a while now, from the release of Assassin’s Creed: Origins right up through the gradual unveiling of a new city management game players can now enjoy bits and pieces of online. But nowhere has the trend been more visible than at online casinos, where slot after slot has made use of the subject matter. Out of a number of games like this though, Links Of Ra is the best for its sheer beauty. You won’t find a more attractive slot reel, nor one that holds your attention more effectively.


Try any or all of these games out, and you’ll quickly see that online slots aren’t the dull, lazy experiences they used to be. They’re far more interesting today, and a lot more entertaining as well.