The Rise of Fantasy Video Games

The Rise of Fantasy Video Games

The world of video games has become huge and production houses are snapping up more and more passionate consumers. Thanks to a graphic and technical evolution of game consoles, developers have at their disposal, formidable tools. 

The production then becomes exceptional and affects the entire world of video games. Online, offline, on mobile or on the latest generation console, video games are present in the lives of many users today. 

To exist in this ultra-competitive environment, developers and publishers must always fight for a place. The solution for that, remains the development of games in various themes and fields to become a reference in some. 

Naturally, the world of fantasy is no exception and many games serve as a reference in this theme of games. 

A mystical experience at the heart of it all 

The term fantasy brings together a species of video games, each more popular than the other. Historically, games like Final Fantasy or more recently Skyrim sound like true classics. By creating a literally mystical atmosphere, game production companies are attracting a player base that is passionate about fantasy worlds. 

There are many reasons why fantasy games are among the most popular year after year. One of them is undeniably linked to the RPG, translate by that “role play”. The adventure is put at the heart of every moment of the game and the story is dictated by the choices, the quests and the evolutions carried out by the player behind his mouse or his controller. 

Exploration, adventure, and decision-making are an integral part of these games that come out of the set scenarios of more traditional and sometimes popular games, such as some sports games. 

Classics democratizing the genre

Thus, the countless Final Fantasy games published since the year 1987 are probably the ultimate reference in terms of fantasy games mixed with action RPG. It’s a real dynasty created by Square Enix and with each new opus, sales remain astronomical, more than 30 years after the release of the first episode . 

With more than 140 million sold, the figures confirm the position of fantasy RPG number 1 for the Final Fantasy series. The scenarios and possibilities of each game are particularly appreciated by fans of the series.

The latter has also completely contributed to the democratization of games of this genre, which the Japanese have been particularly fond of for many decades. Thanks to the advance of new technologies and the recent arrival, for example, of ninth generation consoles , the future of fantasy video games has a bright future. 

This was also demonstrated with the appearance in the 2010s of new games of this type, propelled by the technical evolutions of the consoles. 

In 2015, The Witcher Wild Hunt propelled the studio CD Projekt to the forefront, thanks to a game voted ”  game of the year “, any console or any theme combined. 

Naturally, the popularity of World of Warcraft is no longer to be dismantled. Since its release in 2004, the game has revolutionized the RPG, the fantasy universe and was one of the pioneers in popularizing online dating and games, launching e-sports from the beginning of its time. Today, WoW remains one of the most streamed games on the Twitch platform and a bewildering number of tournaments take place every day around the world.

Other areas are getting involved 

All these virtual worlds continually fascinate. The youngest and oldest with the appearance of video games are not the only ones concerned. 

The world of television entertainment is too, as is the world of reading, powered by Harry Potter for example, a few years ago. No one escapes the sympathy that emerges from the world of the fanciful.

This is even less the case in the world of gambling and casinos. To attract more and more followers, companies are adapting and creating pleasant platforms for people who are particularly fond of these fantasy worlds. Worthy of video games or fantastic films, wishwood slots are the haunt of many players, particularly enjoying seeing several of their passions intertwined. 

With brilliant animations and palpable excitement in every minute of play, such an activity resembles like two drops of water the fantastic worlds discovered on consoles in recent years. 

The future is coming 

The evolution of technical possibilities, on mobile or console, should lead to a resurgence of fanciful games, to the delight of the fans concerned. But it is also very likely to see new game themes coming, perhaps for the moment still unknown. 

With the imagination provided by developers for years, there is no doubt that fantasy in the world of entertainment has a bright future ahead of it.