US chipmaker Qualcomm has announced a change in strategy in the naming of its Snapdragon family of mobile processors, abandoning three-digit numerical names in favor of color nomenclature.

Qualcomm’s next flagship, the 800-series Snapdragon processor to be unveiled at its annual event that kicks off on November 30, will finally be known as Gold or ‘gold’, to designate the high-end of products, as reported. the company in a statement.

As part of the renaming of the Snapdragon processors, they will all cease to have numerical names with three figures as before and will adopt different color names to indicate the range to which they belong.

The new colors, apart from Snapdragon’s high-end Gold, will be Midnight (midnight), Gunmetal (bronze), Nickel (nickel), and Snapdragon Red (red).

Qualcomm has “entered a new era for the Snapdragon brand” and has decided to separate its brand from that of the Snapdragon family, so that this is “an independent product family” although it maintains specific ties with the main Qualcomm brand.

It has also chosen to give a greater prominence to its logo, which represents a fireball, in its brand image, and will no longer specify in the name of the processors those that have 5G because it considers that this technology is already “ubiquitous in the Snapdragon wallet.”

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