Eugenia Martínez de Irujo

Eugenia Martínez de Irujo reveals how her relationship with her brothers is after the ‘lonely’ funeral of the Duchess of Alba

Fresh from a dream getaway to the United States with her husband Narcís Rebollo on the 4th anniversary of their fun marriage in Las Vegas – where the couple attended the Latin Grammy Awards before celebrating in style her wedding anniversary in New York – Eugenia Martínez de Irujo has received the Woman Planet award in the Jewelery category for her latest collection with Tous.

An award that she has collected excitedly on a unique night in which we were able to talk with her about the funeral mass organized in Seville by her brother Cayetano Martínez de Irujo in tribute to her mother, the Duchess of Alba, on the occasion of her seventh death anniversary. and none of his brothers attended; However, his daughter, Cayetana Rivera, did attend, for whom Eugenia, very proud, has had some precious words.

– CHANCE: Congratulations, today to collect a prize *

– EUGENIA: “I am especially excited because it is for the sustainable collection of” Save “this year and I am especially excited about that, because the beauty of this collection is that a percentage of the sales goes to nature, the protection of endangered animals and the environment. I am saying nothing more than you don’t get this out of me ”

– CH: How about Los Angeles?

– EUGENIE: “Very good. I was in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and New York”

– CH: Celebrating the anniversary *

– EUGENIA: “We were at the Grammys, my boy has gone to work. We have not gone to celebrate the anniversary. I have to renew vows, one year I will ”

– CH: and remembering your mother, any place is good to remember her

– EUGENIA: “Yes, I also put a very nice photo when they were at a gala”

– CH: your daughter Tana was at the mass organized by Cayetano.

– EUGENIA: “Yes, also Cayetano was delighted that she went. You already know that I never go to Masses, that I am not one of Masses and to remember her I take her here and I do not need Masses”

– CH: All your brothers well with Cayetano?

– EUGENIA: “Now everything is very good, very stable. We have all matured”

– CH: Facing Christmas, the united family

– EUGENIA: “Yes. Look, it’s a party that I don’t like very much. I don’t know. She is like sad ”

– CH: How is she so similar to your mother?

– EUGENIA: “I always say that he has brought out the best in each house. The best of the Ordóñez, the best of the Alba, the Martínez, the Rivera”

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