Play safely at the best online casinos

Play safely at the best online casinos

Gambling has always been very popular in Italy.
Gambling has always been very popular in Italy.

Gambling has always been very popular in Italy. Over the last few decades, however, those who love to play money on slot machines and table games have found a new side to cure this passion. We are talking about the sites on which every day a large number of our compatriots use software instead of real games.

To do this, however, maximum security is required, which only the best Italian online casinos can guarantee for the purposes of responsible gaming. In this  short guide we will try to explain how to find the best online casinos.

From physical to virtual casino

If once those who wanted to make a bet or gamble in Italy, perhaps with slot machines, blackjack or roulette, had to go to a real casino, the technological revolution underway has opened a new gaming front.

We are talking about online platforms, where it is possible to make a deposit, or a payment, to open an account, after a quick registration process. Once this is done, it is possible to dedicate yourself to games perhaps with free spins, for free, or with the mobile app.

In fact, a quick online survey is enough to realize how many are the best online casinos with ADM license (AAMS) operating in Italy.

A number so vast that it is necessary to ask oneself a question during the review: what are the methods available to users to find all the best Italian online casinos for gambling, even live? Before making a payment on the site and moving on to the games, you should always ask yourself a question about the best online casinos.

Best online casinos: safety first

Usually, the best Italian online casinos for gaming are all those with a license issued by ADM (AAMS). However, this is not a completely truthful statement. In fact, in Italy there are also some casinos that do not have an ADM license (AAMS).

These gaming platforms, in fact, have a license issued by other countries, for example Curacao. The registration of players on these online gaming sites , with the relative payment deposit, does not therefore prevent them from having guarantees in terms of safety and responsible gaming in many cases, but they remain outside the Italian laws.

Regarding the money deposited on the account during registration, but also for the protection of sensitive data. The best online casinos are those that have an ADM license (AAMS).

Best online casinos: how to choose them

If the players must always verify the possession of a regular ADM license (AAMS) by the site, the identification of the best Italian online casinos on which to open an account, pay the deposit and play money also passes through some essential requirements. Or:

  1. Free welcome bonuses to players, with or without a deposit. The best online casinos release bonuses after registration which use can facilitate winnings on games. However, it should be known that some of these free welcome bonuses, on slot machines or otherwise, have such stringent conditions as to make such winnings impossible even before playing;
  2. Promotions, for example free spins (free spins) on games such as slot machines, which can be welcome when registering on the site, or aimed at retaining users. Spins push players to re-visit the best ADM online casinos (AAMS);
  3. The number of payment methods for depositing and withdrawing winnings. The best online casinos provide for the presence of many methods of deposit and withdrawal on winnings, for example the classic software such as PayPal or Skrill. Some Italian sites also accept cryptocurrencies;
  4. The schedule of games offered within the casino, including live. In particular, games such as roulette, blackjack, poker and slot machines in the best online casinos cannot be missing;
  5. The presence of a mobile app for users who love to play every day and attend every live event on the best online casinos;
  6. The assistance service. Users who love to play want to do it without having to worry about problems related to the functioning of the website.

These requirements are indispensable for identifying the best online casinos, even more so than games.

The importance of the review

To identify all the best online casinos in Italy, information is very important. In this sense, a lot of help can come from two safe methods used by websites.

  • Lae reviews. On many websites it is possible to get information on games, deposit methods, the presence of free spins (free spins) on slot machines, welcome bonus, ADM site license (AAMS), software used for security, possibility to play live or with mobile app and much more. The review is therefore a great help, in any case;
  • The opinions, that is those expressed by the users of a casino, those who have already visited a site and have used the games. To collect them are the industry forums, in which everyone is authorized to express opinions, in a responsible way.

They are in fact two useful tools to identify the best online casino site. But not always the opinion of a disgruntled customer on the web does justice to the actual level of the platform concerned, and even a review can be piloted. It is therefore necessary to evaluate the reliability of these opinions by the players to be able to identify the best online casinos for gaming, even live.

Best online casinos: beware of scams!

Free welcome bonus, deposit, games (including live ones), secure payment methods and collection of winnings, presence of free spins (or spins, spins, free) for slot machines, mobile apps, software adopted for web games : these are factors to be carefully considered in order to be able to identify the best ADM (AAMS) online casinos.

All, however, must give way with respect to the need not to run into scams when registering on the site. Too many people, even in Italy, have stumbled upon self-styled casinos in the past born only to scam the most naive users.

Typically, these online gambling sites offer extraordinarily affordable welcome promotions: no deposit bonuses and higher, free spins and other enticing offers, such as roulette or blackjack, are never lacking. Once the players have made their deposit, however, the sad reality arrives. The money disappears from the account.

If you intend to identify the best Italian online casino on the web without running excessive risks of losing money without even playing live, you can and must avoid this pitfall.

The best online casinos are ADM / AAMS licensed ones

To try to avoid the always possible traps set up by these self-styled online casinos in Italy, the first countermeasure that can be taken is to make sure that each identified site has a regular ADM license (AAMS).

This license should preferably be issued by ADM, the state body that replaced AAMS in the surveillance of the sector. Those who own it are in fact obliged to comply with the laws in force in Italy and to guarantee high standards.

Not only with regard to the software and games offered, be it roulette, slot machines or blackjack, but also in terms of safety and transparency, as we have already mentioned in this review, have an ADM (AAMS) license from a site is a guarantee.

Even if some of the best online casinos operating in Italy have a license issued by foreign countries, they are also all required to comply with rules set up with the aim of guaranteeing the best conditions for all those who intend to visit you and play safe online, but they do not follow the Italian laws.

The last point of this article can only provide some advice to always keep in mind when choosing the best online casinos by Italian players where to open the account.

The ADM license (AAMS) is a necessary but not sufficient condition to identify all the best online casinos. Once the first skimming has been made, in fact, the actual level and number of games (slot machines, roulette, blackjack and more, even live), welcome bonus, deposit methods, presence of free spins (spin, i.e. spins, free), demo software to play with for free, mobile app and more. That is everything that can make a visit to an online casino pleasant for those who love responsible gaming.