How to Protect Sensitive Documents Online

How to Protect Sensitive Documents Online

Cyber ​​fraud is a crime that is becoming more common due to technology as such. For that reason it is vitally important that people protect all important documents that are for personal or business use.

Send secure faxes online

An effective way for businesses and individuals to avoid virtual scams and protect their documents is by using online faxing. This service can be useful, for example: medical companies can comply with state regulations, protect patient documents and keep all information safe no matter where they are.

This is thanks to military-grade encryption standards that keep documents secure at all times, plus they meet HIPAA, GPR, and GLBA compliance requirements.

Train against phishing scams

Documents that are stored online are exposed to any data breach that could compromise their security. Drives and networks can be hacked through a phishing email that the user opens innocently.

Nowadays it is important that companies and individuals have adequate information about phishing and there will be no suspicious mail. In this way they can protect their information and not suffer scams.

Password protected documents

Protecting confidential documents online is considered by many today to be extremely important, as so much business is conducted online. In the event that a person is using a document management system (DMS), it is best that they look for other ways to protect their documents with passwords.


In case a person has sensitive documents online that they would like to protect, a good alternative is to use a VPN. This is responsible for routing internet traffic through a server owned by a company, with the aim that the owner of the Wi-Fi network cannot obtain said information.

Set up two-factor authentication

Another way for people to protect their documents is by having two-factor authentication. The user can send codes to authorize access to documents, adding another layer of protection on top of the security in the cloud.

Use secure websites

If someone does not want another person to obtain their information or personal documents, they have to be very careful where they enter. Before entering any personal information on a website, it is important that the user see the top bar of the browser. If the site starts with https and has a padlock symbol, it means the site is secure.

Check who has access

One of the easiest ways for a person to get someone else’s information is through Google. It is important that you are careful when sharing any Google document and prevent anyone from seeing the access link.