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How to Claim Personal Injury Compensation for a Public Transportation Accident in the United States

When you travel by public transport in the United States, the ticket you receive grants you the right to protection of the Mandatory Traveler Insurance, with which you can request compensation for injuries and property damage

Almost all people know how to act if they have a car accident, because they must make a claim to their car insurance and that’s it, the company will take care of many financial aspects, such as compensation for damages, among other aspects. But when it comes to a transport accident, do you know how to get compensation? In the United States, you can start a process of compensation for personal injuries.
If you use the bus, subway, train or taxi and suffer an accident in one of these public transport units, you have the right as a passenger with which you can claim compensation, especially if you were the victim of injuries, which are known as injuries or damages. personal, or any other type of physical or material damage.

How do you protect yourself from an accident on public transport?

When you travel by public transport in the United States, in most cases you will receive a ticket or transport ticket, which you must keep very well, because with it you will be protected by the Mandatory Traveler Insurance, which covers aspects of an accident such as:

• Injuries
• Death
• Permanent or temporary disability, regardless of whether it is the responsibility of the transport itself or of a third party.

The Mandatory Traveler Insurance is obliged to protect you from the moment you get on the bus until the moment you get off it. This is not exclusive to a serious accident, such as a collision between vehicles, since it can even apply to mishaps within the unit. If you have an accident on a bus or any other type of public transport, you must inform the driver of what happened immediately and, of course, before getting off or leaving the place. This must generate a report where he will collect the data of him as injured and the description of the facts to give him access to compensation for material damage and / or injuries.

How do I claim compensation for an accident on public transport?

Like any other type of claim for compensation, there are some aspects that the plaintiff must take care of so that their request is valid and the fact is verified, such as:

  • Keep your ticket or transport ticket at all times. It can be said that it is the first important document that you must keep to make a claim.
  • Ask the driver to make a report of any incident that occurs in the vehicle regarding your injuries or property damage. In case the operator refuses to do so, you can call the Local Police for support.
  • Even when the report has been filed, it is advisable to never leave the place without informing the driver, call the emergency services or the Local Police if necessary.
  • We suggest you request the contact information of the passengers who witnessed the accident, this will help you when proceeding with any claim for compensation.
  • If the accident is the fault of another vehicle, try to collect the data of the responsible vehicle.

If the person responsible for the accident is the bus, subway, train or any other type of public transport in which you travel, it will be your own insurer who will pay the compensation. If the person responsible is a third party, it will be the insurer of the cause of the accident who will pay it.

You have up to one year from when you obtain your medical discharge to make any claim for a public transport accident, prior to the execution of all the aspects detailed above.
Before going to the judicial or local authorities, you must first make a claim through the administrative channels of the public transport concessionaire responsible for responding to you. You have to contact the operating company to find out the requirements that you must meet for your claim with the company to be effective.

If the public transport company does not solve you, you can now file a civil lawsuit with the relevant local authorities to enforce the mandatory compensation for material loss and / or personal damage. It is essential that you have the advice of a lawyer to handle your case.