The presence in digital channels is a strong ally for any real estate company that seeks to grow and stay competitive. This is not just a matter of now, because digitization in the sector has been taking on high relevance for years.

This is how we see traditional real estate companies that have managed to become more digital and ventures that were born with the idea of ​​being representatives of Proptech (companies that incorporate technology into real estate services).

Whatever the case, everything points to digital in the sector, so you should know if a digital real estate really has an advantage over a traditional one and how to join this trend that has accelerated its pace of market penetration.

Why incorporate digital transformation in your real estate?

The real estate sector has always been dynamic, always changing and at an accelerated pace, and those who really want to continue in the competition have understood that, in order to remain, they must rely on digital.

Why? because the client, the center of the strategies, demands the digital and because the winning formula is: human + technology. Different experts in the sector agree on this, such as BCG (Boston Consulting Group), an international consulting firm, which highlights the relevance of bionic companies (focused on reaching the maximum potential of the human team and technology).

This formula and strategic approach fits perfectly for real estate. It is clear that, although technology allows monitoring and optimizing the activity of different commercial real estate processes, it only reaches its maximum potential when the human team is empowered and involved with it.

When you achieve this balance between human talent-technology and focus it on the needs of the real estate consumer, you manage to take advantage of opportunities such as:

  • Increase in capturing leads.
  • Optimization of crucial marketing and sales processes.
  • 360° knowledge of your customers.
  • Effective segmentation of the contact base.
  • Positive approach with your customers and prospects.
  • Reduction of time in the sales process.
  • Increased profitability and productivity.
  • Improve your reputation in the market.
  • More productive human team, with better income and more motivated.
  • More satisfied and loyal customers.

All this due to the immediacy, closeness and 24/7 visibility that the different digital channels allow, such as social networks, your real estate website and the presence in portals and marketplaces specialized in real estate.

How to digitize your real estate agency?

After recognizing the need for real estate digitization, it is important to understand that the transition does not have to be so complicated. Fortunately, today you have solutions that are within your reach and that have already been tested by many colleagues and players in the sector, to give you a boost with their experience.

It was precisely in this that the CRM Wasi has been of great help , on which thousands of real estate agents already perceive advantages, due to the possibility of digitizing marketing and sales processes, essential for the business to continue running. How is it done? simple!

The digitization of processes

From the CRM you can digitize the following processes and tasks:

  • Creation and feeding of the base of contacts and real estate in our program.
  • Segmentation of the base according to different criteria such as the phase of the sales funnel in which they are, their socioeconomic level, type of property or service they demand, among others.
  • Call control, sending messages and meeting agenda.
  • Simultaneous publication of real estate and service offers on different real estate portals and social networks.
  • Use and publication of 360° photographs and links to YouTube with virtual reality videos, for the presentation of real estate.
  • Access to business and customer information online and from anywhere.
  • Attention and personalized sales process to provide memorable experiences to your customers.
  • Sending documents, photos and other necessary resources in the closing of real estate deals.
  • Creation of alliances and partnerships that make the business more robust.

The savings it represents

The savings you experience with the digitization of your real estate business is perceived from the time factor, to the capital you invest in the different marketing and sales actions. To be more specific, these are the ways you save by digitizing your real estate with our program:

  • The times in the processes of the marketing and sales area are reduced.
  • Decreases the number of hours in team labor.
  • Investment in the development of marketing and sales strategies is reduced, since the costs in digital channels are below those represented by traditional media.
  • You can measure the results with indicators such as ROI (Return on Investment) and lead conversion.
  • You save the cost of stationery and physical resources in transfers, face-to-face appointments or the delivery of physical advertising and information formats.
  • You implement teleworking and with it, the human team saves time and money on transfers, while the company saves on electricity, water, maintenance and other fixed expenses.
  • You save natural resources and show greater environmental awareness, as a side effect of saving resources and physical appointments.

This last point is very important in this era, in which people are becoming more aware of responsible consumption, carbon footprint and how important it is to find companies and professionals with a purpose of sustainability, social and environmental.

The opportunities you lose if you say no to the digital transformation of your company

You already know everything you can get as a benefit from a digital real estate, so it is easier to deduce what those who rely solely on a traditional real estate model lose.

These are the opportunities lost by a real estate business that does not transform digitally:

  • Reputation . People increasingly base the choice of real estate (Sale or rent) on the opinions and recommendations of real estate agents and professionals with an online presence.
  • Visibility . If potential customers and customers don’t see you online, they won’t know you exist, so you’ll lose them.
  • Prospects . Without digitization, the process of approaching and falling in love with your customers will be slow and ineffective, as there are not enough tools to give you all the information about them and what they need on time.
  • Sales . The amount of sales you achieve without digitizing your real estate is below all the potential there is to exploit.
  • Clients . With the clients you already have, it will be difficult for you to establish strong ties and a lasting relationship, because by not having the closeness, immediacy and centralized information, the personalized and continuous treatment they need to continue with you will be difficult.

With all this at stake, the summary of the opportunities lost by a real estate company that does not go digital is equivalent to ceasing to remain in force in the competition within the sector.


The digital real estate has a clear advantage over the traditional one, since the first one optimizes the results of the champion strategies in the current real estate market, which focus on the client and use the human and technological potential to achieve the objectives.

Real estate digitization is within the reach of the different actors in the sector. Dare to take the next step!

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