Camel ride in Morocco: the experience of a traveler

Camel ride in Morocco: the experience of a traveler

For those of you who like a good adventure trip, a good recommendation would be to enter the deserts of Morocco aboard a 4×4 or on a camel ride. But of course, even the most adventurous must follow a series of recommendations and tips that we want to summarize today.

A camel ride of more than 30 minutes, if we are not used to riding a horse or camel, it will leave us a bit sore. Keep in mind that camel mounts do not have stirrups, so there is no way to easily change position on the horse.

During June, July and August, tour companies only organize camel rides for two days and two nights, due to the extreme heat in the area. With a 4×4 we would not be exposed to bad conditions of wind, heat or sand storms. In these months it is much more advisable to book a 4×4 ride.

In the desert areas of Erg Chebbi, Erg Chigaga and around Zagora and the Draa Valley, camel rides are especially offered. A camel can travel about 30 kilometers a day. So you can make an estimate of the time you would need to reach your destination. A 4 × 4 has no problems in this regard.

If you go by camel you will need a sunscreen, sunglasses, boots to walk in the desert and a head garment to avoid the strong wind and the sand on your face. I advise you to wear light and comfortable clothing, as well as long pants. Of course, everything you take you have to transport on the camel, so do not bring many junk with you.

If you book a 4×4 ride, the issue of clothing will not be important, although sun protection and hiking boots will be necessary to walk in the desert.

Keep in mind that desert dwellers have been traveling by camel for centuries, making it a reliable means of transportation. If you want adventure and feel the desert on your skin, it is best to book a camel ride, but if you want more comfort, the best is the 4×4. In any case, make sure you always carry plenty of drinking water with you, and let yourself be guided by the tourism companies in the area, who understand what is best for you.