A Look at Smokeless NRT Options and How They Work

A Look at Smokeless NRT Options and How They Work

NRT options have long existed as a safer way to enjoy nicotine. For one, e-cigarettes allow users to ingest nicotine through vapor and have become a popular alternative since their introduction to the U.S. market in 2007.

However, recent concerns by experts have highlighted e-cigarettes’ growing popularity among younger users. Our previous article E-cigarette Use Among Teens identifies a 21.5% increase in those using these products last year. This can be dangerous, because the vapor may contain heavy metals and carcinogenic chemicals that can damage the lungs. These can even stunt brain development when used at a young age.

Despite their popularity among the younger generation, a downward trend in e-cigarette use is likely due to the above-mentioned health and safety reasons. That’s because the usage of e-cigarettes is often banned in public places like parks, restaurants, and public transportation, which can be inconvenient for users trying to mitigate their cravings.

Thankfully, the market is also stocked with various options for smokeless NRTs. Let’s take a closer look at a few of the most popular ones below.

Medicated chewing gum

One of the most well-known smokeless NRT options is nicotine gum. Users take this orally and continuously chew on the product until they can feel a slight tingling sensation. This signals nicotine is being released. The nicotine gum must then be placed by the gums for better absorption.

Nicotine gum has been found by several sources, including a CEGH study on Science Direct, to be effective in reducing tobacco use, especially when paired with nurse-led video assistance. To ensure their effectiveness, however, these have to be taken at intervals exactly as directed. To make the product more appealing, companies such as Nicorette have launched lines of various flavors, from classic mints to rejuvenating fruity flavors.

Nicotine pouch

These pouches are another oral and smokeless option for those who may want to veer away from the candy-like nicotine gum. Nicotine pouches are small white packets that contain the addictive chemical alongside food-grade additives and fillers. These pouches are guaranteed to have zero tobacco.

They also come in different flavors, with the Velo nicotine pouches available on Prilla demonstrating that this includes classic flavors such as mint and citrus. Many new flavors like dragon fruit are also becoming popular, but for places with flavor bans, the unflavored options may be the best choice. Another benefit is that it is easy to adjust the pouches’ nicotine strength, allowing users to gently taper down. For example, the Velo pouches mentioned above range from 2mg to 7mg.


The physical habit of “gestures” is one of the most difficult to break when attempting to use NRTs. Tobacco-free inhalers, however, mirror the act of smoking without the harmful vapor. In fact, the nicotine inhaled is designed to be delivered into and absorbed in the mouth and throat area, instead of the lungs.

Oxygen inhalers are even less harmful to the body. They completely lack tobacco and nicotine and instead deliver only air, essential oils, flavorings, and pyruvic acid, which is an organic acid that already exists in our bodies. Quitgo manufactures a soft-tip inhaler that is chewable to help relieve stress or anxiety. This looks and feels like a cigarette, aiding the oral fixation of many smokers, all the while being smokeless and vaporless.


This smoke-free tobacco product is commonly mistaken to be a vape. However, instead of burning tobacco, an IQOS heats it. This emits on average 95% lower levels of harmful chemicals compared to cigarettes, which boosted its status as one of PMI’s top smoke-free alternatives. That is also why it is commonly advertised as being friendly for public places like hotels, all across the world.

The market for smokeless NRT options continues to grow among users today. Find the right one for you, and the novelty of enjoying nicotine without harmful smoke and chemicals will await.