Yoseline Hoffman Wikipedia: Who is YosStop? The influencer who is now arrested

Yoseline Hoffman Wikipedia: Who is YosStop? The influencer who is now arrested

Yoseline Hoffman, known as ‘YosStop’, is the woman from Mexico who just got arrested for echoing the group rape of a minor, whose recording she had on her mobile, and insulted her.

The arrest of the influencer comes after the young Ainara Suárez denounced her and the case went viral through social networks because Yoseline Hoffman allegedly released the video of Ainara being sexually abused.

So far it is known that the arrest of YosStop was carried out at her home in the Benito Juárez mayor’s office in Mexico City and that she waited for a judge to determine what her legal situation is, but who led the youtuber to be arrested was Ainara Suarez, a young woman whose case of sexual abuse has outraged social networks.

In 2018 Ainara Suarez , who was 16 years old at the time, decided to go to a party in which her life changed completely since, according to a video, she was raped by four teenagers with a bottle of champagne. This act was recorded and the alleged culprits shared the clip through their acquaintances on social networks.

It was in March of this year that Ainara Suárez decided to take legal action against the four people who raped her. In various interviews, Ainara has assured that she does not remember much of what happened that night and that the video they recorded in which she is being sexually abused was seen the next day.

Why did Ainara report Yoseline Hoffman?

The outrageous video where Ainara Suárez is abused quickly went viral, especially after it came to the hands of Yoseline Hoffman, who decided to publish a fragment of the clip on YouTube, which is why a few months ago Ainara also denounced the influencer for child pornography.

In the video published by YosStop, the influencer declared that the clip of sexual abuse considered it to be a “pathetic generation”. She called Ainara Suárez a “whore” for having consented to the sexual assault she experienced and also assured that the teenager just wanted to attract attention by raising her voice on social networks.

Ainara Suárez talks about the complaint to Yoseline Hoffman

It was in March that Ainara Suárez made public that she denounced Yoseline Hoffman for child pornography, after this, the young woman declared in various interviews that she is seeking justice since YosStop had no right to broadcast the video where she was sexually abused, in addition to verbally assaulting her when she was not known.

For her part, Yoseline Hoffman defended herself and through her social networks declared that she had not committed any crime and that they wanted to involve her in a matter that did not correspond to her.

“They have wanted to involve me in a crime that I never committed. But I fully trust the truth and common sense. As I have commented in many of my videos, complaints should serve as a tool for citizen empowerment. Unfortunately I find myself involved in a matter foreign to me. But I hope everything clears up and is resolved soon.”

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