Bizarrap and Shakira revealed their song details on The Tonight Show (@FallonTonight)

Shakira and Bizarrap presented their global hit live for the first time “Musical Session #53” in front of New York audiences through the interview program ‘The Tonight Showof jimmy fallon. But, in addition, they also spoke with the famous American presenter and comedian revealing details about this song.

The musical duo who also produced four Guinness World Records revealed to jimmy fallon who worked on the song at the initiative of the Colombian’s son, Milan. This information had previously been revealed by the artist from Barranquilla, pointing out that it was his 10-year-old son who had offered him to collaborate with Shaving.

At this moment Shakira checked his private messages on Instagram and discovered that, two months earlier, Shaving he had written to her to seek collaboration with her. “I showed Milan the message like ‘look who texted mum’ and he said ‘oh my god Argentina’, he’s a huge Biza fan.”

In the image, Shakira and Bizarrap in the show Jimmy Fallon
In the image, Shakira and Bizarrap in the show Jimmy Fallon

Shakira replied affirmatively to the message Shaving and the producer went to Barcelona. “I went to Barcelona, ​​the day before I did two Beats then I showed them to her and she chose,” said the 24-year-old Argentinian; while Shakira clarified that he liked the sound because it reminded him Depeche Mode.

Shaving indicated that he knew that Shakira he loved 80s music, so he felt he had to do something in that style. For its part, the Barranquillera surprised jimmy fallon revealing that he knew which sound to choose when “I felt it in my body”. La Barranquillera, known for her talent for dancing, impressed the presenter by revealing how she knows a song is good.

“Usually I have a very visceral and physical reaction to music and if you see me take a step or two, things are not going well. I know when a song is on ’cause I start to move“, expressed the Colombian. Shakira He added that if the sound of a track causes “twitches from the coccyx to the iliac crests”, that’s appropriate.

According to the Colombian, a good rhythm leads her to “have hip movements”, which makes for a good song. For his part, hearing this jimmy fallon He seemed quite surprised and asked the Colombian, “Are you telling me your hips don’t lie?”which made the artists and the public laugh.

This is how Shakira knew her song with Bizarrap was good

The moment was shared by itself jimmy fallon on their social networks, since at the time what was confirmed was Shakira had already revealed in 2005, when he presented his success to the world “Hips don’t lie”. The Colombian reacted with a laugh to the presenter’s conclusion, but stressed that indeed, her hips don’t lie.

“It’s the best thing that ever happened to me!” she exclaimed. jimmy fallon at the time and added, “That’s awesome! I can retire now, that’s all I wanted to know. It’s true, your hips don’t lie, you tell us.” The Colombian concluded that: “no, they are not lying. I know a song is good when it starts moving.”

In fact, the hips of Shakira they did not fail with the “Musical Session #53” which quickly broke several Guinness records, but, according to the Colombian, it became “an anthem for women… now I feel like I don’t have fans, I have a brotherhood of women who have been through the same thing as me, what do they think of the way I do it.”

The Colombian singer concluded that “I had a very difficult year after my separation and writing this song was very important to me. It’s a healthy way to channel my emotions… I wrote the song for myself, but I feel like it was also meant for a lot of women who needed it and needed it. a voice to represent them.”

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