Yenifer Paredes must inform the authorities of his official address.

Yenifer Paredesformer president’s sister-in-law Pedro Castillo, in 2022, he was the protagonist of various headlines in the media, after the prosecutor’s office opened an investigation for alleged facts of corruption. The 27-year-old, after several months, broke her silence and gave an interview in which she told how she was going to manage her future, her desire to venture into politics and how, according to her, everything changed from as long as December 7 of last year.

In conversation with the newspaper The Republicthe sister of the former first lady, Lilia Paredes, shared the current situation in which her family finds itself and did not hesitate to fulminate against the prosecution and other actions carried out in her family environment.

“The media tore us apart. Everything was public. Alondra and Arnold (son of the former president) were taken away at all times when they were minors. There was no respect for their rights. Since we arrived at the Palace, there was discrimination. Members of Congress called the president stupid and ignorant. The Public Prosecutor’s Office searched the Palace when it saw fit”, denounced Paredes.

Besides, the 27 year old young manwho was raised as the daughter of the now studied Pedro Castilloindicated that she is innocent and despite this and without finding more information about her, she spent about a month in pre-trial detention in the women’s prison of Chorrillos.

“When I went to jail, I knew I was innocent. The hall saw it that way and gave me three simple restrictions. I knew he was leaving out of hatred for the president. How not to want to forget December 7? It was a tragedy for what my younger brothers went through. They threatened the driver of the presidential car by phone to open the door for them. Then they pointed a machine gun at the head of Alondra was the team led by Harvey Colchado. My father had to tell them: “do what you want with me, but without violence. The security who was there that day can say that, now discriminated against by the police, they were sent to the most remote places of Lima.


On this fact, Yenifer Paredes He did not hesitate to criticize or question the actions of Harvey Colchado, who was in charge of the investigations carried out on the ex-president, his family and his relatives.

“There you have Quilted Harvey. Check who is Colchado, a great policeman, it was not. Investigate, ”he expressed for La República.

The young woman was asked if she intended to enter politics and she answered in the affirmative.

I think. I will solve my process first, focus on that, and rebuild my family that was destroyed. I have already experienced the ravages of politics. I am also a young woman who still thinks that we can change the country. I know the problems, I read the letters that came to the president from deep Peru demanding real change. I believe in another policy, that of books, as I told you at the beginning.

Before ending the interview, Yenifer ParedesHe was very unhappy with the way the prosecution treated his “dad”, because he assures that it only continues to harm the health of the former head of state.

“He is in very poor health. He is incommunicado with his children. The prosecutor’s office is a disgrace. I had one call a day (in prison), it’s our right. My father has been in prison for two months and he cannot communicate with his children. They haven’t even installed a telephone and your neighbor has one. Since they accuse him of rebellion and putschist without proof, they don’t allow him anything. At some point justice will be done with what they did to me and my family, they destroyed us,” he told La República.


I will prove that they sent me to prison for political bias. It was to make my father feel pressure and quit. They accused me of moving 91,000 soles when I had 54,000 soles in my account. The prosecutor acknowledged this and said it was a mathematical error to mix up the numbers. That’s why they released me in a month and a half,” he added.

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