In Villas de Fiorito, northeast of Buenos Aires (Argentina), the community has been horribly surprised that the murder of butcher Daniel Tomás Silvero was perpetrated, presumably by his own wife and children. In addition, the authorities indicate that the victim would have been dismembered to dispose of his body.

Industry witnesses told investigators that They suspected that the owners of the butcher shop had made meat empanadas with the remains of the deceased. A neighbor of the family said that it was unusual to see them selling empanadas, and that precisely in the days after Silvero’s disappearance they began to sell said food.

“I knew that she always worked at the fair, alongside the man, but I don’t know if she sold empanadas before,” declared for the local media Chronicle.

The murdered man had been denounced for two cases of sexual assault: the first against his biological daughter in 2010, and a second time in which the victim would be the daughter of his wife, in 2019.

He disappeared on June 1, situation that was denounced by one of the daughters of Silver, who reported receiving messages from his father that were uncharacteristic. He had told her that he was looking for a new apartment to rent and that he would change his phone line.

Nevertheless, He was caught on security cameras arriving at the home he shared with his last partner. They found his remains in a garbage dump near the sector and began the relevant investigations of the case.

Laura Marcela Campos, Silvero’s wife, admitted having committed the crime against her husband, but because the testimony was not provided before the competent authority for the case, it was dismissed. In the same way, they were able to continue with the investigations and find the dismembered head in a cement pot.

The woman confessed that she beat her husband to death, dismembered the body and later threw his remains in Lomas de Zamora. Thanks to this information, the police were able to find other parts of the corpse and they apprehended Campos and his two children, as they were suspected of being accomplices in the crime.

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