Nacional beat Resistencia SC 1-0 in the match played this Sunday at the Professor Luis Alfonso Giagni stadium. The visit scored the game’s only goal in the 9th minute of the second half, through Gustavo Caballero. After receiving an assist from Mathías Martínez, the midfielder finished the goal and beat the rival keeper to score his goal.

Gustavo Caballero performed well. The Nacional (P) midfielder scored 1 goal and was encouraged to shoot 2 times.

Another player who had a great game was Héctor Espínola. The Nacional (P) goalkeeper was the protagonist against Resistencia SC: he contained 4 shots.

The game was contested, but there were more infractions than creating fair play.

Resistencia SC coach Sergio Orteman presented a tactical 4-4-2 arrangement with Rhuan dos Santos in goal; Alexis Villalba, Rodrigo Mazur, Andrés Duarte and Marcelo Raúl Benitez on the defensive line; Matías Villarreal, Walter Rodríguez, Richard Salinas and Diego Aguilera in the middle; and Jorge Colmán and Diego Martínez in attack.

Meanwhile, Pedro Sarabia’s side came out with a 4-4-2 tactical arrangement with Héctor Espínola under the three sticks; Richard Cabrera, Carlos Rolón, Francisco Báez and Gastón Benítez in defense; Gustavo Caballero, Willian Candía, Juan Fernando Alfaro and Mathías Martínez in midfield; and Francisco Morel and Cristhian Ocampos up front.

David Ojeda was the chosen referee for the match at the Professor Luis Alfonso Giagni stadium.

The next date, Resistencia SC will visit Tacuary and Nacional will play at home against Sportivo Luqueño.

In this way, the local is in eleventh place in the championship with 4 points, while the visit, with 11, is in fourth place.

Note and image source: DataFactory

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