Winter Lottery: check results of the National Lottery draw today, Saturday, January 16

Winter Lottery: check results of the National Lottery draw today, Saturday, January 16

The Extraordinary Winter Draw of the National Lottery will be held today at 1:00 p.m. in the State Lottery and Betting Draw Room. This event, which does not have a fixed date, is adapted according to the Christmas draw calendar and is ehe second big draw in 2021 after “El Niño”.

The first prize amounts to 14,870,000 million euros, but 105 million euros will be distributed, 70% of the maximum collection. For this reason, 10 series of 100,000 tickets at 150 euros have been put on sale. Each ticket is made up of 10 tenths, at a unit price of 15 euros.

The draw procedure will be similar to that of January 6, since Two 2-digit withdrawals will be made, fifteen of 3, five of 4, one of 5 and the first prize. All of them will be made by five drums that will rotate simultaneously and where there will be numbers from 0 to 9.

Winter Giveaway Prizes

The first prize of the draw is awarded 1,487,000 euros to the tenth. To obtain it, one of the fractions of the banknotes that have been awarded with the previous withdrawal will be decided. For him rest of fractions not awarded with the first prize, they will correspond 130,000 euros to the tenth. The third prize, also corresponding to a 5-digit extraction, will award 25,000 euros to the tenth.

For its part, 2, 3 and 4-digit withdrawals will have an economic endowment of 30, 75 and 375 euros per tenth, respectively. There will also be other minor prizes, to the point that, according to State Lotteries and Betting, they will be 34,851 the numbers that will be graceful.

Minor awards


In the Winter Draw there are two prizes for approximations. The first of them will be awarded to the numbers before and after the first prize, while the second will be for the numbers before and after the second prize. Each of them is awarded 240 and 153.25 euros to the tenth, respectively.


As in the case of the approximations, there are also two prizes for hundreds. Thus, the 99 remaining numbers from the hundred of the first prize will benefit from 75 euros per tenth, as well as the 99 remaining numbers from the hundred of the second.


Awarded with 15 euros to the tenth the numbers that end in the same figure as the first prize or whose completion coincides with two special withdrawals that will take place at the end of the event.


Awarded with 75 euros to the tenth the numbers whose last three digits coincide with the first prize.

When to collect the prizes and new draws?

The Extraordinary Winter Giveaway prizes expire three months from the day following the drawing date. Therefore, from Sunday you can go to lottery administrations or associated banking entities to collect the prize. It is important to remember that lottery offices do not pay more than 2,000 euros in cash.

The next special draw of the year will take place on February 14, on the occasion of Valentine’s. It will be followed by the Father’s Day and Spring Day, all of them with a mechanic similar to the Winter Draw. Behind them, The Extraordinary Holiday Draw will be held in July, with 20 million euros to the first prize. After him, only the Extraordinary Christmas Giveaway will remain.

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