Why France should deliver gas to Germany

Why France should deliver gas to Germany

France could deliver gas to Germany, according to the Prime Minister. If the exact quantities that would be sent to Berlin are not yet known, Elisabeth Borne speaks of a “small” part of our reserves. An astonishing statement when Emmanuel Macron called for energy sobriety a few days ago. This European solidarity is essential for countries highly dependent on Russian gas: Germany depends almost 50% on Russian gas, against less than 20% for France. And France has resources that could enable it to help its neighbour.

Stocks filled at 70%

Even if the risk of shortage also weighs on France, we have built up large gas stocks since the start of the conflict in Ukraine. Enough to give part of it to Germany, according to Patrice Geoffron, professor of economics at Dauphine. “The idea is to reach 100% (filling, editor’s note) to tackle winter. Today, we are at 70%, there are some years when we were simply around 40% – 45%”, he notes.

A gas pipeline between Germany and France

Technically, France can send gas to our European neighbors, thanks to a gas pipeline buried in the ground and which crosses the Franco-German border. Before the crisis, gas transited from Russia to France. But it could go the other way.

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