The host joins the list of hosts of the show Hoy, who announce their divorce live.

Breakups on the program Hoy continue. After what Andrea Legarreta announced her separation from Erik Rubín after almost 23 years of marriage and Tania Rincón has confirmed that she has ended her relationship with Daniel PérezGalilea Montijo has announced that she is going through a similar situation with her husband of 11 years, the politician from Guerrero Fernando Reina Iglesias.

It was on the morning of Friday, March 10, when the TV host applied for a spot on Hoy to talk about her separation process. Without going into details, she assured that the decision was made by mutual agreement and that she and the former MP are stable.

The Guadalajara, Jalisco native married Fernando Reina Iglesias in 2011. (Photo: Instagram/@galileamontijo)

We have always been very proud to say that we are a very functional dysfunctional family, we have always been proud of that and that is what we will continue to be.

The former conductor of little giants He stressed that he will continue to feel great affection for his ex-partner despite the fact that they are no longer together. He even confessed that he considers him a great friend to everything they built for over a decade and revealed that he also has a close relationship with the mother of Fernando Reina’s eldest two.

Galilea Montijo lived with her ex-husband's older children.  (Instagram photo: @galileamontijo)
Galilea Montijo lived with her ex-husband’s older children. (Instagram photo: @galileamontijo)

“Alexis and Claudio are going to be my children for life. Paola, her mother, has now become one of my best friends, Iron who will be my friend for all my life“, said.

In addition, he recalled that among the qualities he found in Fernando Reina Iglesias when he met him, his facets of father and ex-husband stood out, because at that time the politician had already two children following his romance with Paola. Cruz: “He always gave me this example of dad being present even if he wasn’t there every day with his (older) children and that’s how he will be with Mateo, who is our most great treasure”.

Galilea Montijo and Fernando Reina separate Photo: GlobeLiveMedia
Galilea Montijo and Fernando Reina separate Photo: GlobeLiveMedia

Galilea Montijo did not want to talk more about it, however, he published a statement on his account instagram where she not only revealed that her separation process started several weeks ago and pointed out that she is currently divorced, she also hinted that the main reasons for their separation were various differences that came to light during the confinement which began in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The complicated stage that, like so many couples who have lived through the COVID-19 pandemic, has caused differences between us. After careful consideration and deep respect on both sides, we have come to terms and filed for a voluntary divorce by mutual consent. We will always be a family. The affection remains and the love for our son, the engine of our lives, unites us,” their statement read.

(Instagram capture: @galileamontijo)
(Instagram capture: @galileamontijo)

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