The exam has 128 items. (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

The closure of online pre-registration to take the Metropolitan Commission of Public Higher Education Institutions exam (Comipems) is about to end. This is the process that students who want a place at the secondary level should consider.

According to Comipemsstudents will also need to consider paying for their test by at least 128 reagents to be able to continue their studies after finishing high school. In this sense, we will remember here what is the deadline for doing so.

Students must share personal data when pre-registering, in addition to considering an email and contact information for their parent or guardian. Then they will have to follow the process until they print the payment order.

Students will have until February 24 to pre-register and pay for the exam. It will be necessary to print the payment order of 400 pesos and the banking institutions available to do so.

Students will take their exam in June.  (Photo: Cuartoscuro)
Students will take their exam in June. (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

The first step is for applicants to enter the following link. Herethen continue with filling in the general data and place at least 20 schools of your choice, since you can stay in any of them for your bachelor studies.

Give continuity to the process and integrate the electronic file, which will validate all the previous digitized data and documents. However, after pre-registration, you must access the platform of the Comipems again and confirm the registration to be officially in the competition.

If you wish to perform the procedure in person, you must attend the recommended center according to the schedule presented by the Commission. When you go to the site, they will take a photo and ask for your documentation.

They will ask for original documents such as: Unique population register code (CURP), birth certificate and your high school diploma or a certificate to carry out the registration procedures and subscribe to the option allocated to you.

When is the exam?

The test that millions of students will present will be applied on Saturday June 17 and Sunday 18, as well as Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 of the same month.

For a good preparation it is recommended to take into account the syllabus of the exam Comipems with the aim of having a good structure and distributing it between your days between now and the application of the exam. The ideal will be to divide your time between your high school classes, to have better results.

Comipems revealed that it will also offer an online course to help students with their preparation. On the day of the exam, students must report to their appropriate place and seat, bring a face mask and a pencil. Entry with electronic devices will not be permitted and it is recommended that you carefully read the indications on your proof of identity.

Candidates will be assigned to a school after having applied their selection exam. For this, it should be remembered that the publication of the results will be the August 18or via the Comipems page.

There will be no school changes for any reason, although if you want another campus you will need to reapply for the exam, hence the importance of preparing and studying for time.

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