At least three schools in the Colegio de Bachilleres have denounced the sexual harassment of female teachers by male teachers. (Social networks)

At least two campuses High school from Mexico City (CDMX) reported student protests against accusations of teacher sexual harassment of students for which, according to the complaints, no support has been received from the authorities or managers.

It was around 1:00 p.m. on March 15 that social networks reported the entry of hooded women to Plantel 13 Xochimilco-Tepepan, located on the Old Road of Xochimilco.

“Paco stalker”, “Israel covers up”, “Negrete drugs women”, are just some of the messages that women have posted on the walls of campus, the community of which has also denounced some teachers for alleged threats and substance abuse.

It is important to mention that the eruption of the possible group was presided over by testimonies that, through social networks, warned against physical and digital harassment that certain professors commit against their students of the said College. However, there were also cases of old students which the alleged abusers would continue to teach.

“Unfortunately, the College will do nothing. I studied at Colegio de Bachilleres 3 and there is a teacher, who to this day gives lessons, who harasses the girls and even writes their number in their notebooks”, commented a user of Facebook.

“When I was a student they never paid attention to us. I hope the new generations will listen to them and do something once and for all. Stop covering up for bullies,” said another.

So far, the educational institution or the Secretary of Public Education (SEP) have not ruled on the matter or on a possible cancellation of the classes. not so with him College of Licenses 11, who announced suspension of classes until further notice because of the demonstrations raised last Wednesday, in the same way, because of the accusations of sexual harassment against some teachers.

Simultaneously with the Campus 13 protests, the Campus 11 Nueva Atzacoalco student body raised their voices against teachers accused of sexually harassing some students on campus, and for which they demanded their prompt dismissal. They also pointed out that the authorities and the school management would conceal the accused teachers.

“It’s so funny that they scold you for eating in class (…) but it wasn’t their harassing and corrupt teachers because they don’t do anything. Everything will come out.”

According to unofficial reports, the student protest took place after managers held some students inside the campus. Given this, the contingent opted to knock down one of the fences to gain entry to the facilities, where posters and banners were placed with evidence of the alleged harassment.

The press release from the agency headed by Leticia Ramírez called these protests “acts of vandalism”; same denomination with which he evoked the mobilization of March 13 in the College of Bachelors 2 Hundred Meters, when students protested the negligence and lack of attention to accusations of sexual harassment.

The latter joined the demonstration of Squad 10 Airport which took place on March 10 – two days after the commemoration of 8M International Women’s Day – to demand a response from the authorities for ignoring the accusations harassment and sexual harassment dozens of students.

Thus, confirmed the SEP, Campuses 2 and 11 maintain the suspension of classes until further notice. In the meantime, they urged to lodge complaints with the lawyers of the College of Bachelors or the Attorney General’s Office (FGJ).

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The SEP maintains the suspension of classes in two schools.  (SEP)
The SEP maintains the suspension of classes in two schools. (SEP)

On March 13, the facilities of the National Preparatory School (ENP) Number 6 “Antonio Caso” of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) were taken by a group of women to demonstrate against recorded sexual assaults on campus.

It was the feminist collective Furies who entered the facilities and demanded the opening of investigation files against different members of the campus (among students, teachers and officials).

According to the statements of the strikers, there are complaints of harassment, intimidation, assault and sexual abuse and, although they have requested the support of the authorities to take the steps, these have not been effective when dealing with complaints.

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