Commemorative coins are offered by a trading platform. (Photo; GlobeLiveMedia)

Regardless of their value, date of issue or minting material, dozens of coins of different denominations are offered at stratospheric prices by an internet trading platform. On this occasion, we will announce which are the 20 peso coins that are offered at huge prices.

These are seven copies that are part of the C1 family, which, according to the Bank of Mexico (Banxico), are one of the most current designs issued by the institution. Banxico creates coins or banknotes frequently and with new security features to prevent counterfeiting.

It should also be remembered that people can exchange both their currencies and tickets at the price they want, since they are objects of their property. However, it is recommended to go to a numismatic store to know its real value and avoid falling into the scam.

According to specialists, people seek to offer or sell their copies at extraordinary prices; Howeverthe reality is that it isa hoax”, because they are copper coins. For this reason, although they are commemorative, they should not be offered in addition to 40 peso each.

And it is that according to experts, the coins must have certain elements in order to increase their value. Below we will present the characteristics of the seven commemorative coins offered between 50 thousand and up to 3 million pesos.

The parts are part of the C1 family.  GlobeLiveMedia
The parts are part of the C1 family. GlobeLiveMedia

Parts will be listed according to issue date.

It is a dodecagonal specimen (12 sides) which was put into circulation as of April 22, 2020. It has a content of 65% copper, 10% nickel and 25% zinc, while its peripheral ring has a copper content of 92%; .6% aluminum and 2% nickel.

On its back is a 16th century boat on a stylization of the waves of the sea, we also see the old palace of the town hall, a security element of the latent image with the figure 20, to avoid being cloned.

This piece is available until 2 million pesos by the Mercado Libre platform, according to a person who shared the image. Much higher cost compared to previous months.

Coin of the 500th anniversary of the founding of the city and the port of Veracruz.  Free market
Coin of the 500th anniversary of the founding of the city and the port of Veracruz. Free market

This coin of the same denomination and also with 12 sides, was put into circulation on April 12, 2021. It also has the same typing characteristics.

All of these coins have the traditional national coat of arms of an eagle devouring a serpent on their obverse. On its reverse, this coin has the bust of General Emiliano Zapata and behind it a peasant plowing the land. He republic map as a latent image and the microtext “Tierra y Libertad”.

This piece is offered by the same web page until 2 million pesosaccording to a person who shared the image.

These three coins, also in copper, received awards from the International Association of Currency Affairs (IACA) in the category “best coin or series of coins” and were put into circulation on September 27, 2021.

They are also dodecagonal and were struck with the same material as the previous coins.

According to Banxico, the 700 years old was depicted with an eagle of the “Teocalli of the Sacred War” in the center, and above, the microtext “Teocalli”. It is sold for up to a million pesos.

In the currency of 500 years ago, the Metropolitan Cathedral was embodied, currently located in Plaza de la Constitución in the historic center of Mexico City. It has a cost of 450 thousand pesos.

While in the third issue of Bicentenary, the effigies of Miguel Hidalgo are displayed on its reverse, José María Morelos and Vicente Guerrero. It is observed at a stratospheric cost of up to 3 million pesos through the same commercial platform of Mercado Libre.

Bicentennial coin.  (Photo: Free Market)
Bicentennial coin. (Photo: Free Market)

It has 12 faces and a face value of 20 pesos, it was put into circulation on August 20, 2022.

It was designed in copper, it has a latent image of the denomination number and on the reverse is an image of a Mennonite family, a European community that arrived in Mexico in the 1920s.

This specimen was found on the same web page until 120 thousand pesos.

This dodecagonal specimen is one of the most common, since it was presented by Banxico on October 4, 2022.

Like the previous ones, it is a 12-sided coin and is made of copper, nickel and zinc.

On its obverse is the effigy of Jose Antonio de Medina Mirandafirst Secretary of the Navy, after its creation in 1821. He also leads the ship “Long-Range Ocean Patrol”.

In this case, it is marketed on the Internet until 50 thousand pesosaccording to someone who uploaded the image.

In the world of numismatics, millions of people are looking for different coins every day, although it is advisable to consult a specialist to know the true value of each of them.

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