Los Angeles (USA), 22 Feb. Russell Westbrook, introduced on Wednesday as a new player for the Los Angeles Clippers, expressed his enthusiasm for the new challenge and acknowledged that the first objective of his franchise is to “win a title”.

“The talks are all about winning. I think the first goal is to win a title and we know what we need to do that,” said Westbrook, who signed for the Clippers last Monday after leaving the Lakers. from Los Angeles and having made a short visit. , gameless, in the Utah Jazz.

The 34-year-old point guard felt that the Clippers are a team that will allow him to express his power, after seasons spent in halftone.

“I think it’s the way the team is built, the way they play. The important thing for me is to find ways to help my teammates,” he said.

Widely criticized for his performance in the Lakers, in which this year he lost his place in the starting line-up, Westbrook expressed his gratitude to the fans who cheer him on daily and acknowledged that he had “ups and downs ” lately.

Westbrook was traded Feb. 9 from the Los Angeles Lakers, a team he joined in August 2021, to the Utah Jazz in a three-way deal with the Minnesota Timberwolves that included the signing of D’Angelo Russell by the Lebron James team. .

The Jazz had been unwilling to commit to Westbrook about his role or his minutes with the Utah team. Westbrook has not played a game with the Jazz.

Westbrook had also been in talks with other teams like the Chicago Bulls and the Miami Heat, but he chose the Clippers because they were, a priori, more important. ECE


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