Temperature, probability of rain, clouds and ultraviolet rays are some of the information you need to know before leaving home. (GlobeLiveMedia/Jovani Perez)

Will it rain, will it be sunny or will it be cold this Sunday?, here it is weather forecast for the next few hours in La Romana.

In La Romana, we expect a maximum temperature of 31 degrees Celsius and a minimum of 21 degrees Celsius.

As for the rain the probability of precipitation for this city will be 2% during the day and 2% at night.

In the same direction, the cloudiness will be 28% during the day and 36% at night. While the gusts of wind they will reach 32 kilometers per hour during the day and 30 kilometers per hour at night.

Watch out for the sun, UV rays should reach a level of up to 9.

La Romana is a city in the Dominican Republic, part of the province of the same name, located in the southeast of the Central American country and on the coast of the Caribbean Sea.

Being in a tropical area, The climate of La Romana is humid, with constant rain and an average annual temperature of around 27 degrees, with slight seasonal variations.

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Being a Caribbean country, The Dominican Republic has a mainly tropical climate, with abundant rainfall and an average temperature between 25 degrees and 30 degrees..

The rainy season begins in May and runs until November, with May, August and September bringing the most torrential rainfall on Dominican soil.

Although it is a tropical country, there are regions, mainly in the high altitude areas such as Constanza, Jarabacoa and Ocoa, where the temperature can drop considerably in winter, reaching -5 degrees in winter.

The Dominican Republic is prone to the passage of hurricanes and, on average, one occurs every seven to eight years, as well as a tropical storm every four years, not counting floods.

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