Wayne Shorter during a charity festival in Gdansk, Poland on August 16, 2014 (Photo: Michal Fludra/Alamy Live News)

Farewell to a great deceased Wayne Shorterinfluential saxophonist and jazz-rock pioneer, now 89 years old in Los Angeles, USA, who confirmed his death is his publicist, Alisse Kingsleyin the hospital, as indicated The New York Times. The networks were quickly filled with condolences: musicians, artists, people in the music industry and especially fans of jazz and music in general fired him.

Born in the city of Newark on August 25, 1933, he began his career in the 1960s and quickly became the musical heir of John Coltrane. Scholars place his music in post-bop, although he also played fundamentals in the development of hard bop, modal jazz and fusion, adding some funk to his later albums.

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“The enigmatic and fearless saxophonist shaped the color and contour of modern jazz as one of its most admired composers,” he wrote. nate chinesejournalist from NOWadding: “Mr. Shorter had an astute and confident style on the tenor saxophone, immediately identifiable by its deep tone and elliptical sense of phrase. Her sound was brightest on the soprano, an instrument on which she left an incalculable influence”.

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