In an interview published by a Russian state channel, President Vladimir Putin said he was willing to start a dialogue with neighboring Ukraine, words that his counterpart, Volodimir Zelensky, does not believe. For kyiv, it is Moscow that does not want the talks that would put an end to more than ten months of war.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Sunday that his country is ready to enter into talks aimed at ending the war in Ukraine, despite persistent attacks by Moscow on Ukrainian targets.

In an interview on state television, the Russian president mentioned that Russia is “ready to negotiate some acceptable results with all participants in this process” and that it is not his country that rejects the talks, but Ukraine. An affirmation repeated by the Kremlin since the beginning of the invasion, which turned 10 months old on December 24.

For Putin, the Kremlin “has no other option”, he said that his government was “acting in the right direction” and that it is defending national interests, the interests of citizens and the people.

Moscow insists that it will fight until it achieves all of its goals, while kyiv says that it will not rest until it drives all Russian soldiers out of its territory. “Actually, what is fundamental here is the policy of our geopolitical adversaries, who aim to separate Russia, historical Russia,” Putin said.

The Russian president sees the war in Ukraine, which he describes as a “special military operation”, as a decisive moment in which Moscow finally faced a Western bloc that he says has been trying to destroy Russia since the collapse of the Union. Soviet in 1991.

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