The event happened in the United States and the video went viral. (Twitter: @keevkidd)

During a baseball game between the Chicago White Sox there Baltimore OriolesIn UNITED STATESexploded a violent fight between two women in the grandstand. The confrontation lasted about two minutes and stadium security did not interveneaccording to images posted on Twitter.

The situation was getting worse the fans themselves were forced to part ways women to end the fight. The truth is that a big uproar broke out, as other people then joined in the argument.

The details of the fight are unclear so far and the real reasons behind the clash are not known. Simply, in the video you can see that one woman teases another and starts banging herwhile the other responds in the same way until falling to the ground.

Striking confrontation between two women during a baseball game in the United States. (Twitter: @keevkidd)

What caught the eye was that stadium security did not show up to stop the situation and the spectators themselves had to take action, making it more difficult and the intensity of the situation. bigger deal.

“Went to my first Chicago White Sox game. They had a duby and a fight broke out,” wrote Twitter user @keevkidd, who shared the video.

Until, No statement has been released about the incident.. However, it is expected that measures will be taken to improve these aspects and that there will be some kind of sanction for the protagonists of the violent act that occurred during the game that the Chicago White Sox won 7-6 against the Baltimore Orioles.

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