The midfielder opened the scoring against the cusqueños for the international tournament. (Video: DIRECTV).

It was one of the best midfield games Piero Quispe, protagonist of the victory against scientist for the South American Cup 2023. The 21-year-old midfielder stood out in the rankings of Sports University in the group stage of the Conmebol tournament.

The wheel ‘creamHe managed to celebrate his first goal in an international tournament, he was also unbalanced in attack, he distributed the passes, ran, looked for them and got involved in the rival zone trying to take advantage of the mistake of the rival. He was a key part of the team Jorge Fossati, and the conmebol decided to include him in the ideal eleven of the week of the continental championship.


-Mauro Goicochea / Danube (Uruguay)


– Pedro Milans / Penarol (Uruguay)

– Fernando Meza / Palestinian (Chile)

– Junior Hernandez / Tolima (Colombia)


– Jorge Correa / Blooming (Bolivia)

– Miller Bolaños / Emelec (Ecuador)

– Piero Quispe / Sports University (Peru)

-José Sinisterra / Flowering (Bolivia)


– Lisandro Alzugaray / LDU (Ecuador)

– Matias Arezo / Penarol (Uruguay)

– Gastón Rodríguez / Blooming (Bolivia)

“It’s the team of the week at Conmebol #Sudamericana! #LaGranConquista @EASPORTSFutbol”, published the tournament organizer on its social networks during the eleventh day of the international tournament.

La Conmebol has published the ideal team of the week with Piero Quispe in pay.
La Conmebol has published the ideal team of the week with Piero Quispe in pay.

One of the outgoing technician’s controversial decisions’cream‘, Carlos Companucci, was the replacement of Piero Quispe. One of the most talented players in Sports University was not considered by extécnico ‘Meringue’.

With the arrival of the Uruguayan strategist Jorge Fossati, Piero Quispe he returned to the starting team and the player did not miss the opportunity to develop his best game. At the end of the game, the midfielder thanked the DT for the confidence he had placed in him.

“From the first moment the ‘teacher’ arrived, he gave us a lot of confidence, not only me, but the whole group and that’s the main thing, to give confidence to the group. Confidence is the main thing and it not only helps you to be more confident on the pitch, but it also gives you a lot more peace of mind. I think that from the beginning the team was very motivated by this game. Thank god I managed to score and help the group. We had three clear chances, although we won and that was the main thing,” he said. Quisp.

The coach of the ‘U’ He confessed he always had it in his mind to put the young footballer in the starting line-up, based on his performance in the clash against melgar on the past date of League 1. Moreover, he applauds his dedication, his level on the pitch and hopes that he will continue to evolve for the good of the team.

“These are doubts from what I see you had before because as soon as I set foot in the airport the first thing they asked me was if Quispe was going to play. We always thought he could be among the 11. When I saw him against Melgar I could analyze that he lacked a bit of order. Surely you liked the way he played with the ball and I agree, but without the ball he is one of the players who has recovered the most, so he is a boy with an extraordinary future.” did he declare. Ditches.

Universitario beat Cienciano 2-0 to advance to Copa Sudamericana group stage

Raul Ruidiaz He is always aware of the matches of Sports University, and he points it out through his social networks. There ‘for money’ celebrated the ranking of the ‘U’ in the group stage of South American Cup and applauded Piero Quispe for his first goal in an international tournament. True to his style, the striker Seattle Sounders Since MLS he dedicated a joke and praise to her, with a nickname included.

“I love you bird dog”, writing Ruidiaz accompanying flyer annotation celebration ‘Meringue’ in his Instagram stories.

Post by Raúl Ruidíaz to celebrate Piero Quispe's goal.
Post by Raúl Ruidíaz to celebrate Piero Quispe’s goal.

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