At least two people have died and dozens are missing after heavy rains in southern Brazil triggered a landslide that “swallowed” a highway.

At least 30 people were trapped in the disaster on the BR-376 highway in the city of Guaratuba, in Paraná state, according to officials running the rescue operations.

Photos of the scene showed red mud and trees cascading down the road and down a steep cliff, with several trucks apparently buried and destroyed.

There have been two confirmed casualties from the mudslides , the fire department said. There are fears that continued heavy rains could cause more landslides in other parts of the country.

Brazil’s National Institute of Meteorology, INMET, has issued heavy rain warnings in several states.

The BR-277 highway has been closed to vehicular traffic to the coast since Tuesday, cutting off access to the port of Paranaguá, a major cargo center for grains and sugar.

About 80 percent of goods exported from Paranaguá, Brazil’s second-biggest port for grains and sugar, arrive by truck, the port authority said, declining to estimate losses from the disruption.

Operators and terminals in Paranaguá are now moving stored products that are expected to last through the weekend.

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