Second huaico fell in Huaral | VIDEO: Point Final

Dozens of families have lost everything, two dead and five missing after the landslide in downtown La Perla-Atavillos Bajo (huaral). With each passing hour, loved ones’ hopes of finding their loved one alive diminished. And the fall of a second huaico confirmed more casualties and what it would be like to leave it all behind.

“Please help me, my husband, please,” asked a citizen whose partner had gone to help those trapped in the avalanche. Another mother revealed that her daughter had answered her mobile phone and would be under the rubble of the mud.

Juana Rica Calixto he said his daughter couldn’t speak and was about to pass out. His request was only to locate her to save her. “You don’t understand what she’s talking about, but she’s here alive. He loses oxygen,” they mentioned to Period.

The landslides caused the death of two people in La Perla Chaupi.  (Andean)
The landslides caused the death of two people in La Perla Chaupi. (Andean)

This same version was confirmed by the missing person’s cousin. However, the instability of the terrain made it impossible to continue the search for the victims, as announced by the Minister of Justice, José Tello.

“What they just told us earlier is that the water is charging, that means there will be more landslides and ground movements, you have to be vigilant. The ground is dangerous, this area is not safe,” the headline read.

The assessment of the land by the specialists was that the inhabitants could no longer stay, because their lives were in danger. Given this, dozens of families had to move to other areas to find a new home.

Defense Minister Jorge Chávez Cresta is in the town of La Perla, Huaral.  (Andean)
Defense Minister Jorge Chávez Cresta is in the town of La Perla, Huaral. (Andean)

In this sense, about 300 people will have to start over in the face of the worst tragedy they have ever experienced.

The Regional Director of Indeci, Victor Diaz, declared the populated center of La Perla-Atavillos Bajo uninhabitable after the reported landslides. In this sense, he indicated that coordination is underway to evacuate the population.

“It is recommended that they evacuate, it is necessary because we see that it is an unstable ground, it is a ground which, being in permanent contact with water, due to the characteristics of the ground, makes that all this area is becoming a very high-risk area,” he pointed out.

He also said that the machinery cannot reach the place due to the difficulty of the road. This announcement comes after the arrival of Minister Tello in the area with the army, civil defense and firefighters.

In turn, the authorities have provided humanitarian aid such as mattresses, beds, blankets, sheets, water, rice, sugar and other food for those who are still waiting. to find their loved ones. In the morning, research work was also carried out with 45 members.

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