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Tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. impeachment commission where the acts of the four judges of the Supreme Court are studied, Horacio Rosatti, Carlos Rosenkrantz, Juan Carlos Maqueda and Ricardo Lorenzetti. The Frente de Todos will seat its 16 representatives, while the majority of Ensemble pour lechange will once again be absent.

The intention of opposition is to maintain the strategy he demonstrated in the last meeting and for that he had only thought of send a minimal representation for the purpose of “observing the legality of the process” which was to be led by Juan Manuel Lopezmember of the Civic Coalition and vice-president of the Commission.

“We want López to go alone, but someone always adds up,” he admitted before GlobeLiveMedia a high source of the PRO in the legislature. “The idea is to have a minimal expression so that I control the process, but we are discussing, ”added another yellow man who has a seat and a vote on the Commission.

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However, in the meeting that took place this afternoon between the members of the Together for Change Commission, something was defined halfway between those who wanted to empty the meeting and those who understand that they must be present, more taking into account that the party in power summoned the federal prosecutor as a witness Carlos Stornelli – who has already announced that he will not go- and the Civic Coalition to the radical former senator Mario Cimadevilla.

Carlos Stornelli will not go to the impeachment commission
Carlos Stornelli will not go to the impeachment commission

“Something weird has been defined. All the legislators go at the beginning and then whoever wants to stay stays, ”explained an MP who was not satisfied with the decision taken by his interbloc. “These are things for radicals and lilitos,” he added, referring to the members of Ensemble pour lechange.

It’s that one of the problems they had to solve was what was going to be the attitude with Cimadevilla who was requested as a witness by the Civic Coalition, a group that has a lawsuit against Supreme Court Justice Ricardo Lorenzetti in the process. The former senator from Chubut had been called to testify because of comments made by the opposition to the Judicial Council on the management of the judicial budget.

In this regard, it seemed illogical for the CC to agree to empty the commission, which is why, in principle, it had ensured the presence of the two members of this bloc in López and Paula Oliveto. But also. Cimadevilla -which this afternoon was already in the annex of the Chamber of Deputies- is of radical extraction, which is why it is assumed that, even if he has the freedom to leave, some of his co-religionists will remain for his exposure.

Mario Cimadevilla (North America)
Mario Cimadevilla (North America)

The Political Trial Commission summoned the prosecutor Carlos Starlings to state the reasons why you requested the closing of the case launched to investigate alleged cat leaks who were sent Silvio Roblessecretary to the head of the Court Horacio Rosatti, and the Minister of Security of Buenos Aires on leave Marcelo D’Alessandro.

In addition to Cimadevilla and Stornelli, the head of the Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office 1 of La Plata, María Roteta, and the judicial secretary number 4 of the Court, Sergio Napoli, are summoned for tomorrow. So far, only Napoli and Cimadevilla have confirmed their attendance. In the case of Toteta, he has already warned that he will not be able to attend because he is in congress and Stornelli will send a letter.

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