Tito Silva launches a new song with statements by Jorge Montoya on alfalfa. (instagram)

Tito Silvawhich has gained popularity thanks to the success of ‘My baby son son’, he did his thing again, creating a fun version of Congressman Jorge Montoya’s statements. And it is that the spokesman of the Popular Renewal bench caused a sensation by responding to the journalists of the Fourth Estate after a report on the cost of food for parliamentarians.

“I ask you, what are you eating? Third class food, surely (…) What one is looking for in contracting is to get the best of the best. They’ll want us to eat alfalfa, surely,” were Montoya’s words to the press.

Tito Silva Music He decided to produce his own version and took to his social media to share his new song with his followers. The Peruvian DJ combined some of Jorge Montoya’s expressions with the song “I Can’t Touch This” and some memes Although the clip was only 30 seconds long, it has already gone viral.

For this reason, some people have been quick to create funny videos with alfalfa, while eating it and dancing. Quickly, the music producer reacted and called him the ‘alfalfa challenge’. “It has already gotten completely out of control,” he wrote on his Twitter account, sharing TikTok.

Tito Silva: People are creating a video with the new theme using alfalfa. (ICT Tac)

Tito Silva’s new theme has generated thousands of reactions since it was recently posted. Users applauded the creativity of the national artist and many assured that alfalfa is a good food.

“How good, for these Montoya phrases to be immortalized”, “Now everyone is eating alfalfa, the new trend”, “How good, I feel like an emollient with a lot of alfalfa “, “I will eat third class food hahaha”, “You are a genius”, “I don’t know why but I love you baby fiu fiu”, were some of the comments on his Instagram account.

It should be noted that, since the creation of ‘Mi bebito fiu fiu’, Tito Silva has never ceased to surprise his audience with “The Boy and the Chicken, The Last Farewell”a remix with excerpts from the message to the Nation of former President Pedro Castillo. Here, the former president is heard dissolving Congress, in addition, footage is shown where the politician was arrested.

At the beginning of January of this 2023, Tito Silva created the theme titled “Oh Sebastian”which belonged to the soundtrack of the Peruvian animated film “A Giant Adventure”. Thus, the Peruvian DJ enters the seventh art.

The song produced and sung by Silva also appeared in one of the funniest moments of the animated film, the music video was directed by the director of this film, Eduardo Schuldt, who virtually recreated Tito so that he is in tune with the visual style of the film

Tito Silva creates a theme for a Peruvian film. instagram

Tito Silva is the artistic name of Alberto Antonio Silva Reyes, a music producer who became known worldwide as the creator of the song “Mi bebito fiu fiu”, a song that refers to the rather affectionate conversations between former congressional candidate Zully Pinchi and Martín Vizcarra, former president of Peru.

In an interview for Peru21, Tito said his parents didn’t want him to venture into music because they saw it as an unstable career, which is why Tito entered the Peruvian University of Applied Sciences ( UPC) to study advertising.

Thus, most of his musical works are also intended for the advertising sector, since he also produces commercials and jingles. But the music appealed to him more, so Silva focused entirely on music production, spending more time on new versions of iconic songs.

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