This was the presentation for the first debate of the National Development Plan 2022 -2026

This was the presentation for the first debate of the National Development Plan 2022 -2026

The National Development Plan of the government of Gustavo Petro will begin to be debated on March 21 in the Congress of the Republic.

After long days of socialization, deliberation, study and analysis who has exceeded 12 hours a day in the last 15 days, on March 20, it was filed with the Congress of the Republic the presentation report of the first debate of the bill “by which is published the National Development Plan 2022-2026: ‘Colombia, world power of life.’

The presentation document began to take shape from the past the 21st of Februarywhen the 40 delegates from the economic commissions responsible for studying the project were appointed along with the director of the National Planning Department (DNP), Jorge Ivan Gonzalez; the Minister of Finance and Public Credit, José Antonio Ocampo, and the other ministers of the portfolios that make up the national government, who presented and argued before the legislators presenting each of the articles that make up the bill.

Specifically, the director of the DNP, Jorge Iván González, was satisfied and congratulated the members of Congress for the effort made, which he described as productive, critical, democratic and participatory.

“This was the subject of a National Development Plan (PND) very articulated with the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit. The teams of the two portfolios watch carefully and listen to each of the proposals made by the senators and the deputies. We have had mutual collaborations and discussions that have enriched this final document that we are presenting today,” González emphasized.

In turn, the manager added that in these long trips delegates have understood the importance of not discussing projects by departmentsnot to departmentalize, but to think of beautiful initiatives that benefit the whole country and promote economic development in general.

“It is a brutal change that transforms the way we should start planning for the future”, also underlined the director of DNP.

With the tabling of the document for the first debate, the economic committees announced the project and, as of Tuesday, March 21, the discussion and vote at the National Capitol starting at 08:00 a.m.

It should be remembered that the National Development Plan 2022-2026, “Colombia, world power of life” It is the roadmap of the government of Gustavo Petro which lays the foundations for the country to become a world leader in the fight for life, humanity and nature with an investment of $1.154 trillion for the next four years.

For the construction of the PND, the national government has developed 51 binding regional dialogue sessionswhere nearly 250,000 people from across the country delivered more than 89,000 proposalsas well as the execution of the 33 public hearings of the Multi-Year Investment Plan where more than 13,000 people prioritized investment projects in each of their departments.

For their part, the economic commissions of the Congress of the Republic have advanced nine regional forums to listen to the concerns and opinions of local and regional elected officials and citizens. In this sense, three forums have already taken place in the Valle del Cauca, Antioquia and Eje Cafetero.

It should be recalled that among the main objectives of the plan are the updating of the 70% multi-purpose cadastre; bring extreme poverty to single digits; use the financial surpluses of coal and oil to operate an energy transition and reach nearly three million hectares handed over to comprehensive rural reform.

The National Development Plan of Gustavo Petro’s government also proposes five major transformations: “Territorial ordering around water”; “Human Security and Social Justice”; “Human right to food”; “Productive Transformation, Internationalization and Climate Action”; and “Regional Convergence”.

Below is the presentation document for the first debate on the National Development Plan:

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