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the mother of soldier Ana Fernanda Basaldua Ruiz 21-year-old, born in Mexico, pointed out that before she died, she was sexually harassed by his companions and in particular by a man of Puerto Rican origin. He demanded that the case be transparent and that justice be done.

Eulalia Alejandra Ruiz Zarcomother of the American soldier, said that an army subject who had a higher rank harassed her and he was angry with her because she repeatedly rejected him. In addition, that he had received sexual proposals from his colleagues on the base.

“He said to me, ‘Mom, everyone wants me to sleep with them, but they are really assholes.’ The woman said she noticed her daughter sad because “Very strong things have happened to him”, which I still couldn’t tell her and I was hoping to see her soon to finally tell her.

Before turning 18, Ana Fernanda decided to move to the United States with her father, an American citizen who years earlier had married her mother, a Mexican, in the municipality of Tacambaro, Michoacán.

(Photo: Facebook, Alejandra Ruiz Zarco)
(Photo: Facebook, Alejandra Ruiz Zarco)

When she stayed with her father, she managed to regularize her papers so that they gave her nationality. Later, he decided to join the ranks of the American army, where was about to complete three years of service; however, she was sexually harassed, then disappeared and was eventually found dead.

Mrs Eulalia pointed out that her daughter was focusing on the Fort Hood military camp in Killeen, Texas. where she developed as a combat engineer. According to the medium Dallas News, In this unit, homicides, suicides and sexual assaults have been recorded in the troops in recent years.

And it is that in 2020 the soldier Vanessa Guillén, from the same military base was reported missing and then found dead. It turned out it was hammered to death by coworkerwho later dismembered her and buried her in a place away from the field.

Aaron Robinson, the alleged killer of Guillén, was 20 years old when he committed suicide when the police were going to question him after finding the remains of the young woman almost two months after her disappearance. His then-girlfriend, Cecily Ann Aguilar, was charged as an accessory to helping hide the victim’s body near a river in Killeen, Texas.

Ana Fernanda Basaldúa Ruiz, Mexican soldier found dead (Special)
Ana Fernanda Basaldúa Ruiz, Mexican soldier found dead (Special)

The victim’s mother expressed regret that several days after the discovery of her daughter’s lifeless body, the militia continues without giving them any information Exactly how he died.

“The first time they told us anything was that they found her lying down and when they took her to the infirmary, well, there was nothing left to do but ‘she was dead.”

Later, when they spoke with the sergeant in charge of Ana FernandaPatrick Sullivan, tells them that the young he committed suicide and that he had used a rope to achieve his goal. However, the mother doubts this version, because he does not believe that the young woman could have committed suicide.

He accused militia officials they didn’t send any proof like photographs, videos or anything about the case, because the only thing they knew was said verbally.

Ana Fernanda Basaldúa Ruiz, Mexican soldier found dead (Special)
Ana Fernanda Basaldúa Ruiz, Mexican soldier found dead (Special)

“They say they are investigating, but they don’t give us many details. I ask you in the most loving, humane way, to clarify all our doubts and present us with evidence and everything that happened to my daughter.” said for The universal.

The US military, for its part, said it was in communication with relatives, who had been informed of the death and were providing psychological assistance.

“We are deeply saddened by the irreparable loss of the soldier and send our condolences to his father, mother and brother.”

For now, the soldier’s mother has asked for a humanitarian visa to be able to recover her daughter’s body, return with her to Mexico and give her a sacred burial in a cemetery in Tacámbaro, where she is from.

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