“El Canto del Gorrión” and “Accidente I”, two works by José María Sicilia (Photos: Facebook ARTSevilla)

Four paintings by the Spanish painter Jose Maria Sicilia that a Parisian gallery exhibited at the International Fair of Contemporary Art (ARCO) in Madrid was seized, within the framework of a judicial investigation for an alleged non-payment by the artist of a judgment of divorce.

The information, anticipated by the Spanish newspaper The confidentialwas confirmed this Saturday at EFE by sources from Ifema-Feria de Madrid, where ARCO 2023, a fair with notable international projection, is held until Sunday, and where they have been temporarily stored in one of its warehouses.

The paintings were preemptively seized by order of a court in Madrid investigating a possible uprising of Sicilian Assets (Madrid, 1954), a renowned painter whose creation can be seen in important museums in Spain , in France and in the United States. United States, such as MOMA and the Guggenheim in New York.

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The paintings, which were hung on the stand of the Chantal Crousel gallery in Paris and sold in pairs at the price of 100,000 euros each, are part of the exhibition One Thousand and One Nights that Sicily is preparing for the Vatican Library for next November.

According The confidentialthe embargo obeys a precautionary measure for a possible uprising of assets after the alleged escapes of the artist to pay the judgment of divorce of his second ex-wife, Elisabeth Marie de Bazelaire de Boucheporn.

The sentence, handed down by a Paris court in 2019, would force Sicily to pay some 800,000 euros, “which exceeds one million in legal interest”.

Source: EFE

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