Tokyo, April 17 Police sent prosecutor to prosecutors on Monday over apparent weekend bombing of Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida as suspect remains silent on his motives and preparation .

The detainee, identified as Ryuji Kimura, 24, has remained silent since being arrested at the scene after the incident, which occurred last Saturday as Kishida prepared to deliver a speech at a port in the city of Wakayama, in the west of the country, on the occasion of the local elections.

As recorded in various recordings by those present, Kimura threw a cylindrical metal object to the ground behind Kishida’s back, which exploded shortly after. Kimura was arrested on the spot.

The Japanese president was quickly evacuated from the scene and escaped unscathed, but there was a minor injury among the police.

Japanese authorities raided Kimura’s home in Kawanishi city, western Hyogo prefecture, on Sunday, where they found a gunpowder-like substance and metal tubes, leading them to believe that the device was homemade.

On the net, you can find instructions for making this type of device with elements such as pipes and gunpowder made from substances found in pesticides and other legal products.

Investigators are analyzing the inmate’s personal computer and cell phone to determine how he obtained the materials and how he made the devices, as the suspect has declined to comment on what happened until he has a lawyer.

Kimura was carrying two devices at the time, the one taken from him during the arrest and the one he threw and detonated, the remains of which were found in a warehouse about 40 meters from the scene of the incident , according to details released today by public broadcaster NHK.

Police are still investigating the other device to assess the force of the explosion.

The Kishida bombing was reminiscent of the July assassination of former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe after he was shot in the back with a homemade firearm during a similar rally on the streets of the city of Nara (west).

“Elections are the basis of democracy, so a violent act like this is unforgivable,” Japanese government spokesman Hirokazu Matsuno reiterated today, claiming to have ordered the National Police Agency to reinforce more security. ECE



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